Topic: Bug near end of The Raven Remastered?

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As the title says, I think I’ve encountered a bug but can’t find any info on it online. I wonder if anyone who has played the game can help as I can’t move beyond this point? I’m in the chapter called A Simple Plan where Adil is trying to enter the museum. At one point I am supposed to be able to retrieve an umbrella from a trash can but I cannot find any way to search the trash can, no matter how I approach it. No icon appears near the can from any angle so I’m completely stuck.

Would anyone know of a workaround to this issue, or perhaps have a saved game around this part that they could send me (not sure if that would even work between accounts..)? My only saves are way further back in the game and I can’t face playing through all that again. I’m assuming if it’s not a common bug that somehow my save has become corrupted, although I can go and do other things like throw the ball for the dog etc.

I hope someone can help as I’d really like to be able to finish this game and I am so close to the end..


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Nobody? I’ve tried re-starting both the game and the console multiple times as well as deleting and re-installing the game itself. All to no avail, I’m still stuck at the same place. It seems strange that I can roam around the scene and do other things like throw the ball into the museum etc. but I just can’t ever get the search icon to come up on the trash can..



@Marcusmax sorry dude I did read your post earlier in the week but I’ve never even heard about the game, let alone the bug you’ve encountered. I wish you good luck though.

I ain’t ever met a souls-like I didn’t like!


@colonelkilgore No problem, thanks for replying anyway.Yeah, those sort of point and click adventure games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea! However I’m sure there’s got to be someone out there who’s both heard of it and played it and who might be able to help.



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