Topic: Blurry graphics on my PS4 on Maneater and more!

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I have a Toshiba 50LF621U21 50-inch Smart 4K UHD. When playing games on my PS4 like games Maneater and Star Wars: Fallen Order, my graphics look blurry as I move through the environment. I already have the tv running at 1080p but still no change. Anyone can help me?

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It is a non pro? I assume is is by reading your post just like to be sure.

But turn of all those features with those nice sounding PR names that are supposed to improve your picture. Gaming mode on a lot of TV's tho can reduce latency so try that on and off.

I can't really name the features by name because they differ from brand to brand and series even but most of them either make your image to sharp and fake or cause issues like you just mentioned.

It can also be by the sound of it that the TV is scaling instead of the PS4 and it could be that it does not have a great scaler. I do know that the PS4pro (dunno about the non-pro) has a fantastic scaler. It could be that your TV's scaler is overiding the PS4's. Try turning your TV's scaler on of and on to see if the problem or part of it lies within there.


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