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We challenged a game charge on Playstation and they banned the whole account. My son can't play anything at all. We have been trying for weeks to get anyone or even a way to email someone at Playstation. You would think a technology company would have a way to respond to customers even with all that's going on at this time. Is anyone else having this issue? Or, any ideas on what to do? Thanks



I had the issue awhile back. I think they're just pissed cause you challenged them



As you've reported a suspect charge on your account, Sony have ha e most likley blocked the account incase it has been hacked and to avoid further dodgy charges being made on the account. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances support have limited capabilities at the moments. You just have to keep trying and be a bit patient.

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@drae it was banned as a safety measure to stop more charges

The current situation will slow down fixing the issue as many places including PlayStation support are closed because they have to bebut be patient and it will get sorted

Of course you could create a new account to play your games as long as they are physical releases of course because the disc is your license key (chalk that as another reason physical is better than digital)

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There nothing anyone can do here since this site has nothing to do with Sony. Unfortunately because of the pandemic it's going to be tough to get ahold of someone quickly, you are just going to have to be patient and keeping trying to contact them.



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