What Are You Playing This Weekend WAYP PS5 PS4 1

Well, here in the UK, Easter may have come and gone, but there's absolutely no sign of Spring. All the more reason to cosy up in doors with some video games, eh? As if you needed an excuse!

Jamie O'Neill

I've been a fan of anything relating to Strider since the 1989 original — from the Mega Drive port, through to the PS1 conversion of Strider 2, plus I loved PS3 Moon Diver and the 2014 Strider reboot too — so I was chuffed to see Cannon Dancer - Osman live up to many years of expectation.

Khayl Adam

I finally rolled credits on Resident Evil 4 (it was excellent), and still have Dead Space to clean up, but I might take a break from survival horror. I'm planning on checking back in with Horizon Forbidden West in anticipation of the Burning Shores expansion!

Liam Croft

Another weekend, another few days to play Octopath Traveler II. I've been at this thing for like three weeks now and I'm not even halfway through!

Simon Fitzgerald

This weekend I plan on wrapping up a couple of Platinum Trophies I’ve been working towards. I’ve got just a few episodes left to secure the Life Is Strange 2 Platinum and a couple more blinking trinkets to collect in Before Your Eyes. I also might finally start Moss; if I continue to write this every weekend it’s going to be right eventually, right?

Stephen Tailby

Aside from a game I'm currently playing for preview, I think I'm going to take this weekend to make a dent in Sifu. I made a start a little while back, and the game is super tough, but I'm looking forward to trying to master it.

It's another month without any duplicate games from our team — just amazing. Of course, we always look forward to reading what you're playing. Just what's on your agenda? Let us know in the comments section below.