Lies of P Poll

Lies of P is out now on PS5 and PS4, and it already seems to have struck a chord with action afficionados. Thanks to an unsettling puppet-packed backdrop and some great combat encounters, this newest Souls-like stands out in an ocean of FromSoftware-inspired titles.

"Lies of P feels like the result of a developer having already taken multiple stabs at the Souls-like genre, so it's impressive that Round8 Studio has accomplished so much on its first attempt," we wrote in our 8/10 Lies of P PS5 review. "Elevating it above other games are quality combat and extensive, satisfying customisation, turning Lies of P into a first-class experience for FromSoftware fanatics," we concluded.

But as per usual, we want to know if you've been hooked until playing this latest release. Are you playing Lies of P? Have your say in our polls, and then watch that your nose doesn't grow in the comments section below.

Are you playing Lies of P? (1,053 votes)

  1. Yes, I'm playing it22%
  2. Not yet, but I want to play it25%
  3. I'm not sure about the game yet10%
  4. Nah, I'm busy with other games17%
  5. No, Lies of P just isn't for me27%

How do you feel about Souls-like games? (927 votes)

  1. I love a good Souls-like34%
  2. I usually like them, but you can't beat FromSoft25%
  3. I'm tired of them, there are too many13%
  4. I don't enjoy the Souls-like formula28%