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    Review Guacamelee! 2

    Juan punch man

    When you fire up Guacamelee! 2 for the first time, it might feel like you've seen it all before -- and that's not just because it starts by catching you up on the ending of the first game. Drinkbox Studios' excellent Mexican Metroidvania Guacamelee! was so impeccably tight that it was difficult to imagine ways in which it could be...


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    PS Vita

    Review Severed


    The main character in Severed is missing an arm; we're going to assume that it fell off following a particularly furious session with Drinkbox Studios' latest game. This colourful PlayStation Vita exclusive has grand aspirations: it's a first-person dungeon crawler with Punch Out!!-esque combat and enough crafting to momentarily capture the...



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    Review Guacamelee!

    Viva la lucha

    Besides being a brilliant pun, Guacamelee! is a potent mix of platforming and brawling, wrapped-up in a cartoon-styled Mexico. The delightful Metroidvania-inspired adventure takes plenty of props from the greats that solidified the genre, but gracefully manages to maintain its own charm and personality, resulting in a digital download...


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    Review Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack


    When the first Tales from Space: About a Blob hit the PlayStation 3, it caught most people off guard with its wild 50's sci-fi theme and engaging puzzle-platformer gameplay. Now with the release of the PlayStation Vita, developer Drinkbox Studios has crafted a sequel that not only features every ounce of playability and charm of the...


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    Review Tales From Space: About A Blob

    Tales From Space: About A Blob is an enjoyable platformer with an emphasis on controller dexterity and clever puzzle design

    It's an easy scenario to picture: developers Drinkbox Studios gathered around a large conference table laced with paper, pencils and plates of those round biscuits that aren't quite Custard Creams nor Jammie Dodgers. "How...