• Review GNOG (PS4)

    Use your GNOGgin

    PlayStation VR is still a young peripheral, and with that we’ve come to expect some growing pains. Dating back to the headset's launch, there’s been a surprisingly high volume of worthwhile titles offered, including some truly great games. But alongside that, there’s also been a glut of high-price, low-quality "experiences"...


  • Review Full Throttle Remastered (PS4)

    Asphalt and trouble

    Never has the fallibility of memory been clearer than when revisiting video games from the past. It can be surprising just how big the gulf between recollection and reality can be, leaving you to wonder if your brain just might be responsible for some of the greatest video game remasters of all time. As with last year's...


  • Review Everything (PS4)

    Mind blowing

    If there's one truth that can be guaranteed in this universe it's that Everything will divide opinion like few other games. The scientific simulation comes courtesy of Mountain maker David OReilly and promises the impossible: the ability to control everything in the universe – including the very fabrics of space itself. But can such...



  • Review Headlander (PS4)


    If a time traveller journeyed through time and told us that a 2D Metroidvania title would be one of the best games Double Fine ever released, we'd both scoff in disbelief and question why said time lord didn't tell us something more important, like who wins the US Election – or whether Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3 is ever made. See, on paper,...


  • Review Broken Age (PlayStation 4)

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it

    Broken Age is the newest release from Double Fine, the developer founded by adventure game legend Tim Schafer. The release is noteworthy for having a massively successful Kickstarter campaign; with a goal of $400,000, the studio ended up raising almost $3.5 million. Of course, with huge money came big expectations,...


  • Review Escape Goat 2 (PlayStation 4)

    Just kidding around

    The puzzle platform game has become a staple of console indies over the last generation. You can’t swing a cat without hitting plenty of examples, all looking to test your brain to the limit with fiendish puzzles, that’ll have you spending more time scratching your head than jumping around. With the arrival of Escape Goat 2...

  • Review Costume Quest 2 (PlayStation 4)

    Trick or treat?

    Costume Quest 2 is the latest game from lauded developer Double Fine, and is actually the firm’s first full-blown sequel to boot. The title depicts the continuing adventures of twins Reynold and Wren, as they combat a time travelling delinquent dentist determined to destroy Hallowe’en and its teeth-decaying deeds. Much like the...


  • Review The Cave (PlayStation 3)

    Cavern club

    The first adventure game ever to be released was a text title created by computer programmer and caver enthusiast, William Crowther. It's fitting, then, that Double Fine’s latest bid to revive the forgotten genre is also set in a cave. But this is not Crowther’s 1976 exploration game – it's a modern experience, complete with Ron...