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  • News Sony Confirms Zipper Interactive Has Closed

    Zipped up

    SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive has closed, Sony has confirmed. Speculation about the studio’s imminent demise began last weekend, but the firm remained tight-lipped for the majority of the week. However, Sony confirmed the sad news in a statement to Game Informer over night: Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm the closure of...

  • Rumour Sony to Close Zipper Interactive

    So gone

    It sounds as though the lights could be dimming on SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive. Kotaku reports that Sony is currently in the process of laying off staff at the American studio, where project cancellations have put its future in doubt. Zipper Interactive recently released the decent Unit 13 on PlayStation Vita and SOCOM 4 on PS3 last...


  • News Unit 13 Ships Out March 6th

    Video walkthrough inside

    Unit 13, Zipper Interactive's Vita-exclusive shooter, was previously listed as a PS Vita launch game for Europe, but now it seems it will fall within the system's "launch window" instead. Sony pegged the game for a March 6th deployment in both Europe and the United States at CES. The game comes from the team behind...

  • News Unit 13 Brings Social Shooting To PlayStation Vita On March 6th

    Sony's deployed a date for Zipper Interactive's ambitious PlayStation Vita debut, Unit 13

    The social driven shooter is set to settle onto North American stores on March 6th — shortly after the handheld's February 22nd western launch. Unit 13 is a tactical shooter in the same vein as SOCOM, with some really intelligent social features that make it suitable to Sony's new portable platform.




  • News Two New SOCOM 4 DLC Packs Revealed

    Zipper Interactive's hoping to breathe new life into SOCOM 4 (known as SOCOM: Special Forces in the UK) with a couple of DLC packs due out on the PlayStation Store this week

    The first set of DLC brings the return of Demolition mode, an all-time SOCOM favourite which sees teams competing over a single bomb and attempting to detonate it in the opponents' base. In addition to the new game mode, the..













  • News SOCOM 4 Oscar Mikes Itself Into 2011, The PushSquare Office Sob A Little

    Man, it crept up on us, but we were really beginning to look forward to play SOCOM 4 this Christmas

    SOCOM's not usually a franchise we get excited for, but after seeing some videos of the game being played with the PlayStation Move controller, we were instantly sold. It's therefore bitterly disapppointing to see the game delayed into 2011. Zipper confirmed the news on their blog, stating:..

  • News MAG Gets Upgraded To v1.07 In Early August

    Zipper's massive action game, MAG, is preparing to go through another round of updates next month, as the game gets upgraded to version 1

    07. Detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the update includes a number of new features including a daily "Happy Hour" mode (which doubles XP for every first hour played in a whole day period) and some improved lighting effects. The full list of goods are..

  • News MAG's Sabotage Mode Goes Faction Neutral

    We stopped playing MAG because SVER always win

    SVER always win because their maps are so bloody easy to defend. So thank goodness for Faction Neutrality, a new update to MAG's Sabotage mode. The slight tweak means you'll be able to play in your relative faction, without necessarily defending your own home-turf. For example: perhaps you're a Raven player attacking Valor. With faction neutrality you..








  • News MAG Is Finished, Finito, Done, Gold

    Zipper Interactive's MAG has gone gold the US Playstation Blog has confirmed

    The game is due out on January 26th in the US. The European version of the game is also just going through its final stages of QA, and is due soon afterwards. A final MAG beta ("Beta 5") is due to go live on January 4th, ahead of the game's release. We're interested to see how the game shapes up.

  • News Reports List MAG For Release In Late January

    Fan-fare for Zipper Interactive's MAG game is fairly low at the moment, but after a lengthy beta process we're sure Sony are ready to start cranking the hype train for the ambitious 256-player shooter

    Reports from MCV suggest that hype-train should start rolling in the New Year, as MAG is pencilled in for a European release this coming January 29th. Are you ready for a new multiplayer shooter,..

  • News New MAG Trailer Includes Lots & Lots Of Televisions

    Weirdly, Zipper Interactive's super-ambitious multiplayer shooter MAG is not far away

    It's due to release late next month. We're aware there have been a few betas for the game, but we're still eager to know more about it. Hopefully this trailer marks the start of Sony sticking the game in everyone's face, because the game could realistically be huge. If it works.



  • News Sign Up To The European MAG Beta (Kinda)

    SCEE have 16,000 MAG beta codes to give away

    That's quite a few, right? Right? Well, erm, we'll assume no because they've probably all been snapped up by the time you read this. Still, it's worth a punt right, you never know, a couple of clicks and you might be accepted into the loving world of the Massive Action Game. Head over to Sony's official...

  • First Impressions MAG on Playstation 3

    With Zipper Interactive's ambitious multiplayer first-person shooter leading the line for Sony's 2010 exclusive romp, we take a quick look at the world of MAG and give you an idea of what to expect from the massive online shooter

    Dynamic multiplayer. The biggest selling point for MAG is its unique server achitecture that allows 256 players to...