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  • Review Headspun - A Buggy FMV Adventure with a Decent Story and Little Else

    Inside nout

    The brain is a complex thing; vast, mysterious, and packed full of drones in ties controlling our thoughts. Or, so says Headspun, a disappointing FMV/management hybrid that has you rebuilding the functions of a man’s mind following an accident. It’s a neat concept, but one marred by glitches, outdated mini-games, and irritatingly...

  • Review The Shapeshifting Detective - An Odd Yet Intriguing FMV Murder Mystery

    Colonel Mustard, in the study, with the DualShock 4

    The Shapeshifting Detective is a new FMV (Full Motion Video) game from Wales Interactive. It’s a curious game that pretty much does what it says on the tin. You take on the role of the titular detective and have the ability to take on the likeness of anybody you come into contact with, like a...

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    Review Time Carnage

    Let's not do the time warp again

    If there was one flaw you could leverage at PlayStation VR upon its launch and the months that followed it, it was that a few too many experiences and titles designed themselves around obliterating enemies from a singular position in a wave-based manner. In the year leading up to today we thought we had ridden...

  • News FMV Murder Mystery The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Quizzes PS4 Next Year

    Lovecraftian murder mystery

    Hands up if you’re enjoying the renaissance of FMV games? With the likes of The Bunker already available on the PlayStation Store, and the fascinating Erica on the way, the genre is enjoying something of a revival right now. And Wales Interactive is playing a big part in that, announcing a collaboration with D’Avekki...

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    Review Late Shift

    Minimum wage

    Towards the back end of last year, we were pleasantly surprised by a full-motion video game named The Bunker. The first of its kind on PlayStation 4, its story, characters, and acting performances were the driving factors in what was a short but sweet experience. Publisher Wales Interactive is now back with a second foray into the FMV...

  • News Interactive FMV Title Late Shift Comes to PS4 Next Month

    Over 180 decisions and seven endings

    Wales Interactive has announced its next title that will dip its toes into the full-motion video genre. Late Shift is described as "a cinematic FMV crime thriller" and it's scheduled to release next month. Written by Michael R. Johnson of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes, the game sees you play as Matt as he tries to...

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    Review The Bunker

    Solitary confinement

    The FMV genre has had a bit of a renaissance lately. Her Story and Contradiction: Spot The Liar both released to a positive amount of fanfare over on the PC, and now it's time for the PlayStation 4 to get its own full motion adventure. The Bunker marks quite a change in scenery for developer Wales Interactive, a studio that's...

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    Review Soul Axiom

    Soul sacrificed

    Frictional Games' SOMA, last year's sci-fi horror follow-up to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, explored the idea of creating a copy of a human being and downloading it into a virtual "ark", thereby preserving mankind in case of global disaster. It proved to be an engaging central conceit, which touched on ideas of identity, morality, and...

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    Review Coffin Dodgers

    Six feet under

    We'll be straight with you on this one: Coffin Dodgers is not a good kart racer. Sadly, all it really has going for it is a darkly amusing premise. Sunny Pines retirement village is where the Grim Reaper himself has decided to hang up his scythe after a lengthy career of soul collecting – but not before claiming a few more from his...

  • First Impressions Scratching Our Heads Through Soul Axiom on PS4

    Axiom verge

    What do you get when you mix Tron with BioShock Infinite and Antichamber – and sprinkle a helping of Indiana Jones on top? The answer is, er, Soul Axiom. At least, that's the vibe that we got during a hands-on session with an early build of the game. The follow-up title from Master Reboot developer Wales Interactive, this is shaping up...

  • News Soul Axiom Peers Through the Peephole to PS4

    Soul searcher

    Indie games often get a lot of stick for employing dated gameplay mechanics or old-school visual styles, but Wales Interactive's forthcoming PlayStation 4 adventure Soul Axiom looks every inch a BioShock rival. A first-person sci-fi adventure, the title promises to take you on a journey through the "deepest, darkest recesses of your...

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    Review Gravity Badgers

    Honey badger don't care

    Don't let the incomprehensible combination of words that make up Gravity Badgers' title fool you. Taking more than its share of inspiration from the bird-tossing behemoth that is Angry Birds, does this flick-to-throw clone do enough to stand on its own four paws in a genre that's quite literally overflowing with trash? To...

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    Review Master Reboot

    On and off

    An intriguing narrative and a clever setting can go a long way in a sci-fi adventure game, but it’s a difficult thing to pull off. As such, Master Reboot – a Myst-esque excursion by BAFTA Cymru award winning developer Wales Interactive – struggles to combine its great ideas into a compelling whole. The title comes close at times,...