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  • News PC Indie Hit Terraria Is Coming To PSN Next Year

    Build your hopes up now

    PC indie success Terraria is heading to PSN. The title - which has been described by some as a 2D Minecraft - was launched in 2011 and has since shifted an impressive 1.6 million copies. Andrew Spinks - the sole talent behind the original PC release - appears to be involved with the port to consoles (it's also coming to Xbox...

  • News Dishonored Developer Documentary Charts The Game's Shadowy Inception

    Behind the scenes on Arkane's supernatural stealth title

    Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios have released the first in a series of documentries focusing on the production of Dishonored. Entitled 'Inception', this first video covers the creation and conceptualisation of the game, and features input from the development team as they explain how...


  • News Witness 30 Minutes of Deadly Ninja Gaiden III Footage

    Are you a simple Hero, or a Master Ninja?

    Like the series stealthy ninja protagonist Ryu Hayabusa, silently running towards an enemy pawn, a full 30 minutes of Ninja Gaiden III gameplay footage silently slipped upon us while we slept through the night. Through the jump you can feast your eyes on the intense action, as OXM plays through the entire...

  • News Tecmo Koei Confirms Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for North American Vita Launch

    Sharpen your swords

    If the only thing keeping you from picking up a Vita at launch is a lack of gallons of blood, fear not, as Tecmo Koei has confirmed that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will be slashing its way to North American shelves for the system's launch. The updated portable port will make use of Vita's touch controls and gyro sensor, and will...

  • News WipEout 2048 Almost Had a Zombie Mode, Demo Drops This Month

    And you thought zombies were slow

    Zombies are everywhere in the gaming world. They've brought upon the apocalypse countless times, eaten our neighbours and have even taken to fighting plants. But you know what they hardly ever do? Race. Sony's Vita launch title WipEout 2048 almost amended that sad fact however, as the game once featured a...

  • News DUST 514 Trailer Emerges into Clear View

    Shooting for the stars

    DUST 514 was briefly shown during Sony's 2011 E3 presentation and has since all but fallen off the radar. Offering up a healthy mix of FPS and MMO action that’s deeply integrated into the EVE Online servers, DUST 514 easily sets itself apart from the other shooters on the way to Vita. Like a desert nomad wandering through a...

  • News New DUST 514 Trailer Emerges

    Move’s first MMO is coming

    DUST 514 was briefly shown during Sony’s 2011 E3 presentation and has been on our radar every sicne. Serving up a healthy mix of Move-enabled FPS action and MMO gameplay that’s deeply integrated into the EVE Online servers; DUST 514 easily sets itself apart from all of the other shooters that currently flood the...


  • News New Gravity Rush Video Lifts Off

    Be sure to take your Dramamine

    Gravity Rush, or Gravity Daze as it’s known in Japan, is quickly leaping our way with Vita’s release now less than two months away. Along with the Japanese release of the game, Sony dropped a new promotional video for the game to help encourage Japanese gamers to spend their hard-earned Yen, and you can now see the...

  • News Resistance: Burning Skies Video Brightens the Holidays

    Frightfully perfect transition

    With Vita’s recent release in Japan and the media all abuzz comparing Vita and 3DS sales over the holidays, Resistance: Burning Skies developer Nihilistic thought it’d be a perfect time to unload a fresh bit of its upcoming Vita game, as it’s already looking like it’ll do some serious damage to Vita owners'...

  • News Behind the Scenes with BioShock Infinite's Voice Actors: Part 2

    Further down the rabbit hole

    A while back we got a chance to go behind the scenes with the voices behind BioShock Infinite's Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth in the first instalment of Irrational Games' two-part video blog series. The studio has now unleashed the second part of the series and the results inside are quite shocking, but we’ll let the...

  • News Ninja Gaiden 3's Hero Mode Explained

    New multiplayer details too

    Ninja Gaiden III is slicing into Europe on March 2012 and new details are finally starting to sneak our way. This time up, Game Informer recently published an article that broke new details on the controversial Hero Mode in the game, a new approach for the series that's pushing to attract gamers who are more casual than...


  • News PS Vita Takes Augmented Reality to New Dimensions

    Exploring new depths

    Sony has been keen on bringing augmented reality games to their portable system since the 2009 PSP release of Invizimals, which offered a Pokémon type of gameplay where you capture and raise creatures to battle them. Unlike Pokémon though, real world surrounds had to be explored to find these creatures, which is only possible...

  • News New Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Details Emerge

    Video interview inside

    Dungeon Hunter Alliance is already available on PSN for PS3 and in our Dungeon Hunter: Alliance PlayStation Move review of the game at our sister site Movemodo, we thoroughly enjoyed dusting off our old armour and stepping into the dungeons to hack and slash our way through the medieval world of Gothics. Dungeon Hunter:...


  • News NCIS Drama Investigates PlayStation 3

    Can you crack the case?

    The massive hit television series, NCIS, is soon making the leap to the video game world, letting you finally experience what it’s actually like to be a part of the NCIS crew. The show’s writers have written the scripts for four unique cases, which can only be viewed by playing the game. With PlayStation Move being your...


  • News Gun Game Mode is Coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Up your arsenal

    Valve is definitely putting the effort into bringing its well-regarded FPS franchise up-to-date with upcoming PSN title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We’ve already reported that the game is coming with PlayStation Move support, mouse and keyboard options and cross-platform play, but now we’ve found about one of its actual...

  • News Max and the Magic Marker Release Date Revealed

    Right around the bend

    We recently brought you the news that the WiiWare hit Max and the Magic Marker would be coming to PSN with PlayStation Move support and today we’ve gotten word that the wait to play this upgraded Gold Edition of the game will not be long at all. Max and the Magic Marker: Gold Edition make its PSN landing on September 28th in...

  • News GoldenEye: Reloaded Gets All Bundled Up For Release

    Includes other exclusives as well

    We previously reported that the once Wii exclusive GoldenEye 007 is coming to PS3 with PlayStation Move support, but new details have been scarce since the game's initial announcement. TGS 2011 put this news lull to an end and we’ve got exciting news that GoldenEye 007: Reloaded will be releasing in North America...

  • News The PixelJunk Series Will Make You Move

    Get the party started

    Q-Games' fantastic PixelJunk series has played a major role in bringing PSN to life. Titles like PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter are instantly familiar to most PS3 gamers: not only do they boast superb gameplay quality, but with each new title they somehow manage to also bring an addictive gameplay style that entirely...

  • News Max and the Magic Marker Moves to PSN

    A delightful doodler

    The indie title Max and the Magic Marker has generally received high marks all-around on the Wii, DS and PC: our sister site Nintendo Life reviewed the WiiWare version of the game at an above average score of 8 out of 10. This colourful physics-based platformer allows you to draw objects with the pointer controls, or "magic...

  • News New Ninja Gaiden III Trailer Deals Consequences

    Pierce deeper within the man behind the mask

    Team Ninja is definitely taking a new route with Ninja Gaiden III, and not only by implementing PlayStation Move controls. It seems that the new entry will take a deeper look into the series lead ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, starting with its chilling new trailer. Back when Tecmo Koei first announced the game,...

  • News First Look at Santa Monica Studio's Mysterious Move Game

    No war in sight

    There’s a mysterious new video floating in cyberspace, and its raising some interesting questions across the video game industry. It features a beautiful windy autumn forest, filled with a mysterious fog. A life-like human hand floats gently in the air. Slowly moving through a handful of short scenes, the hand glides its fingers up...



  • News Making Music Is Stupid Easy in Sound Shapes

    Even a caveman could do it

    Sound Shapes co-creators Jonathan Mak and Shaw-Han Liem recently sat down with the PS Blog to discuss the philosophy behind their game, and how its simplicity and style help it to work both as a quality platformer and an easy-to-use music maker. Players are given simple tools that instantly produce the building blocks of a...

  • News Shinobido Awakens on PS Vita

    With loads of bloody screenshots

    Fans of the PS One era will likely have fond memories of the stealthy ninja title Tenchu. Developed by Acquire, it was a ground-breaking title that had gamers sneaking into fortified villages to assassinate clan leaders by any means necessary. The nonlinear levels allowed for the freedom to infiltrate the villages by...

  • News Notch Teases Minecraft PS3 With PlayStation Move Support

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    The surprise announcement at this year's E3 that the massively successful game Minecraft is coming to Kinect instantly got us thinking; wouldn’t PlayStation Move be a perfect fit too? Move launch title Tumble proved the controller could easily select objects and manoeuvre them in a 3D environment with extreme...


  • News Sony's New Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trailer is Short

    But sweet

    The Uncharted series has cemented itself as one of the most successful new franchises for Sony, known for its epic storyline, quality voice acting and lovable characters. But forget all that. You play them for the action, right? Well Sony certainly hopes so, because in their latest trailer for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, there isn't a speck...

  • News Hot Shots Golf Finally Gets Move and 3D Support

    It’s about time!

    PlayStation Move isn’t even a year old yet, but the game catalogue has filled up quite nicely so far with a wide range of titles that utilize Move in many creative ways. But, there is one series that we feel should have already featured Move support, and that is the long running Hot Shots Golf (known as Everybody's Golf in...

  • News Rack Your Grey Matter With Smart As

    Are you smart as …

    The brain training game Brain Age on DS was a huge hit for Nintendo, and who would have thought it? If we did learn anything from Brain Age, it was that these types of games can actually be a lot of fun when competing against friends. Smart As takes what Brain Age started and brings creative ways to train ones brain by utilizing...

  • News Top Darts Takes Aim At PS Vita

    A new touch

    Top Darts on PlayStation Move graced the PlayStation Network offering great Move controls awhile back, but today we learned that Top Darts is going to shoot its way onto the PS Vita as well. Utilizing Vita’s unique touchscreens Top Darts will find its own unique way to play the game of darts in over 20 different game types. Top Darts...


  • News Move and 3D Being Considered for Battlefield 3

    Move to the Battlefield

    It’s no secret that Killzone 3 rocked the world with its release recently. Amazing graphics, gameplay and multiplayer are all spot-on, but it seems that its Move implementation drew more news buzz more than anything. Killzone 3 proved that Move could offer exceptional controls in the FPS genre, and for some, even rival the...




  • News THQ Working on Expensive Move Game After All

    All is forgiven!

    Back in September, THQ CEO Brian Farrell said his company would be developing cheaper games for Move and Kinect than its core range for traditional controllers, a statement that angered many. Now the head of THQ's Core division, Danny Bilson, has begun to extinguish the flames with the news the company's working on a big budget Move...