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    Review Pyre

    Rites of Spring

    Supergiant Games has made its name as one of the most dependable indie teams. Its first two titles Bastion and Transistor are two of the best games released on digital storefronts, and excitement for its third venture Pyre has been high for some time. Most impressive is the fact that all three of the developer's titles are...

  • News Pyre Runs in Native 4K on PS4 Pro, Packs a Platinum Trophy

    Launch trailer released

    Hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 party-based role-playing game Pyre will run in native 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro, developer Supergiant Games has announced. The gorgeous fantasy foray – which mixes RPG systems with an almost sports-inspired battle system – will also run at a full 60 frames-per-second, regardless of which...






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    Review Bastion

    Before Red, there was the Kid

    It's utterly amazing how much the indie game scene has changed since 2011. Sony has started to heavily promote teensy developers at major industry conferences, Valve's Steam Greenlight has allowed thousands to publish games for players to test before they're even finished, and Kickstarter has made it possible for...


  • News Bastion Will Finally Spin a Yarn on PS4 in April

    Kid rocks

    After what feels like an eternity, Supergiant Games' brilliant Bastion will finally flock to the PlayStation 4 on 7th April. The release date was announced for North America as part of Sony's impressive Spring Fever promotion, which means that there'll be a 10 per cent discount available for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Sadly, the Vita...

  • News This Transistor PS4 Theme Will Make You Sing

    Red hot

    Transistor's one of the most stylish titles on the PlayStation 4, so it's perhaps no surprise that it should warrant a seriously slick theme. Available now from the North American PlayStation Store for $2.99, the animated wallpaper will add a slew of futuristic effects to your next-gen device's dashboard – but it's the music, a fusion of...




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    Review Transistor

    Bastion of brilliance

    Supergiant Games' first effort Bastion is the quintessential indie: a relatively niche game that won over hearts and minds with its good looks and slick shooting. Now along comes Transistor, the studio's sophomore effort, and a game that, upon first glance, seems remarkably similar to its popular progenitor. However, this...


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