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  • E3 2018 We'll See Starfield 'Closer to Release', Is Focused on Single-Player

    Look to the stars

    At Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference, the publisher confirmed that long-rumoured sci-fi title Starfield is in development. Unfortunately, not much more was shown or said during the event, but studio boss Todd Howard has spilled a little more information taking to Geoff Keighley on the YouTube E3 stream. According to Howard,...

  • Guide Starfield - Everything We Know So Far

    What is Starfield?

    Alongside The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda announced yet another next gen game that's been rumoured for a while: Starfield. Another thing it shares in common with The Elder Scrolls VI is that we really don't know anything about it other than what we can gleam from the official trailer. In this guide, we'll detail everything we know...

  • E3 2018 Starfield Is Real, Sci-Fi Title Likely to Launch on PS5


    Bethesda's Starfield is real, and it's a game for the next generation, according to studio boss Todd Howard. Speaking at the company's E3 2018 press conference, Howard wheeled out a short teaser trailer that shows... Well, not a lot. But it's definitely happening, and it's most likely a PS5 game. Are you hyped for a sci-fi title from...