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  • News SSX Online Pass Does Not Block Out Multiplayer

    Yesterday we reported that EA's upcoming arcade snowboarding title, SSX, would require an online pass to participate online

    We were speculated based on traditions — and we're happy to say that we were wrong. If you pick up a used copy of SSX you will be able to play the game online, however any rewards you unlock from doing so will remain...

  • News Stop Press: SSX Gets Online Pass

    It's not in the least bit surprising that EA Sports' latest multiplayer outing, SSX, should come packaged with an online pass -- but it's something you probably might like to know

    The anti-used game measure was spotted in a Giant Bomb video, which highlighted the option to "Redeem" an online pass in the game's opening screen. While you'll...

  • News EA Sports: SSX To Usher New Era For Extreme Sports

    There was a time when Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was king of the world

    It was the Call Of Duty of the time — an unbeatable franchise that the entire industry was trying to ape. But oversaturation and a general lack of new ideas meant that the genre quickly lost its relevance. EA's hoping that the return of the SSX franchise later in the year will usher in a new era for extreme sports. "Over the..

  • News SSX Gets Tricky In New Trailer, Piles On The Accolades

    Would you like to know every single positive thing that's ever been said about EA Sports' upcoming SSX reboot? Then this trailer's totally got your back

    Outside of the praise, the trailer boasts a bunch of gameplay footage from the tricked-out racer. It's taken a while, but the game's finally starting to look like it's deserving of its name. Catch the trailer after the break.



  • News We're Not So Hot On This 'It's Tricky' Remix

    If EA Sports was hoping to play on nostalgia with its latest SSX reboot trailer, then it probably shouldn't have used a remix of Run DMC's "It's Tricky" to score the teaser

    On the other hand, if it wanted to make all the hip kids of tomorrow "totally stoked" about its new ultra rad snowboarding game, then mission accomplished. We imagine the publisher's aims fell somewhere in the middle..


  • News EA Outlines Harmony Soundtrack System For SSX

    EA has unveiled a new custom soundtrack system for its upcoming snowboarding reboot, SSX

    The technology — entitled Harmony — sounds similar to the functionality in Wipeout HD. It essentially dynamically mixes your music in-game, so if you hit a particularly big jump, EA's able to fade out your custom soundtrack and replace it with the soothing sound of the wind whistling in your ears. Those..

  • News SSX Could Come To PlayStation Vita

    SSX is coming to PlayStation 3 in February next year

    But if the game's successful, EA hasn't completely written off the potential of a PlayStation Vita release. "One of the big philosophies for EA now, and in particular EA Sports, is fewer and bigger hits and in particular building big franchises," creative director Todd Batty told CVG. "We really hope that is going to be the..

  • News SSX Out In Time For Valentine's Day

    EA has confirmed it has delayed snowboarding title SSX a month with a new trailer

    The latest footage concludes with a February 14th release date. The game was originally expected to release in January. The new date will see SSX go up against Sony's heavily anticipated Twisted Metal reboot in the United States. European dates have yet to be confirmed.

  • News SSX Characters To Slam Dunk Into NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

    EA's always been great at cross-promotion

    Play a game of FIFA 12 right now and you can't move without seeing an SSX logo. And the same will be true of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Kinda. The publisher has announced that three characters from its arcade snowboarding title will be jumping out of the snow and into the fire, as Elise, Kaori, and Mac all...



  • GamesCom 2011 EA Talks Up Social Multiplayer For SSX

    As part of today's GamesCom 2011 presentation, EA's Todd Batty discussed in detail how SSX's multiplayer will provide a unique, social experience

    Influenced by EA's recent racing titles — such as Burnout Paradise and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit — SSX will allow players to record ghosts which can then be shared with friends for instant competition. Players will be able to participate live in..


  • News SSX Makes Snowboarding Cool Again In 2012

    EA's Todd Batty has revealed that the publisher are gunning for an early 2012 release for their upcoming SSX reboot

    Apparently the game will be playable at E3 in June, where we should expect more information on the game. Presumably EA will also want to do everything within their power to pull away from the backlash of that initial reveal too.

  • News SSX: Deadly Descents Drops The Subtitle

    EA's toned down the gritty appearance of its next generation SSX title by dropping the game's sub-title

    Now named "SSX", EA's keen to win back the fans it lost with last year's action oriented debut trailer. "I've always thought racing was the core of SSX," creative director Todd Batty told Game Informer, "and we didn't want to go away from that, so we're going to have..

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