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  • News Max and the Magic Marker Release Date Revealed

    Right around the bend

    We recently brought you the news that the WiiWare hit Max and the Magic Marker would be coming to PSN with PlayStation Move support and today we’ve gotten word that the wait to play this upgraded Gold Edition of the game will not be long at all. Max and the Magic Marker: Gold Edition make its PSN landing on September 28th in...

  • News PS Vita Launches December 17 in Japan

    Who's importing?

    Sony pushed back the Western PS Vita release date to 2012, but lucky gamers in Japan will be able to get their mitts on Sony's brand new handheld by year's end, as the system officially launches on December 17th in the region. Sony unveiled the official launch date during their press conference at the Tokyo Game Show. There's much...


  • Talking Point Why Push PlayStation Vita to 2012?

    Part one: Wii are watching U

    The sound of thousands of shattered Christmas wishes echoed across the globe last week, as Sony revealed that PS Vita won't reach North America and Europe until 2012. The company maintained all along that the system would launch in the "global market" by the end of 2011, technically exonerating as PS Vita will...

  • News PS Vita UK Release Date and Price Listed by GameStop

    Pound for pound

    Back in June, Sony announced a PS Vita release date and price for both North America and Europe, marking the device at $249/€249 for the Wi-Fi model and $299/€299 for 3G. But the release date was left open, merely stating a global 2011 launch for the device, and never mentioning a United Kingdom price. Now GameStop UK has set up...