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  • News PSX 2017 Will Require Coffee if You're in Europe

    Sony outlines schedule for show

    We’re sure attendees are going to have a blast on the PlayStation Experience 2017 showfloor this year, but it’s sounding like a disaster if you want to follow the show outside of the United States. Sony’s revealed the schedule for the annual event which kicks off on Friday, 8th December – and you’re going to...

  • News Chinese Devil May Cry Lost Soul Aside Targets PSX 2017

    Devil may care

    Do you remember Lost Soul Aside? It first emerged as a really promising fan project, but it got so much attention that Sony actually signed it up as part of its China Hero Project, and now it’ll be playable at PSX 2017 next month. The game was listed as one of the titles that will be playable at the PlayStation convention, and now...

  • News It Looks Like Dragon's Crown Pro Will Be Heading West on PS4

    Playable at PSX 2017

    There's been no official word on whether Dragon's Crown Pro -- the PlayStation 4 remaster of fantastic dungeon brawler Dragon's Crown -- will make it West, but it's now looking very likely due to it being playable at next month's PlayStation Experience event. PlayStation Experience 2017 will take place, as per usual,...

  • News Sony's Bringing Over 100 PS4, PSVR Games to PSX 2017

    PlayStation heaven

    The press conference may be a low-key affair this year, but Sony’s still bringing the heat for attendees at PlayStation Experience 2017 next month. The platform holder has revealed the near-final list of playable games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, and there’s over 100 titles on the docket. Many of these are yet to be...

  • Rumour Devil May Cry 5 and SoulCalibur VI Will Be at PSX, Says Hard-to-Believe Leak

    We'll see

    Okay, so this is one of those big fat Reddit rumour posts that we don't usually report on, but since a number of sites have already picked it up and people are starting to pay attention, we thought that we'd better weigh in with our thoughts. This particular poster claims to have leaked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being in Injustice...

  • News Media Molecule Will Light Up PSX 2017 with Dreams Re-Reveal

    Sleep easy

    It’s been a long time since we learned anything about Dreams, the madcap imagination simulation from Media Molecule. But as alluded overnight, the Guildford-based developer will return at PSX 2017 next month to tell us more about the game. While it sounds like Sony will have a very low-key presentation instead of a press conference...

  • News PSX 2017 May Not Have a Proper Press Conference This Year

    Expect updates on Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams, though

    PlayStation Experience has become known for its pre-show press conference in the early weeks of December, but it’s starting to sound more and more like this year’s event may not have a media briefing on the scale that many are expecting. We’ll try to clarify with Sony, but there was...


  • News Sony's Unique Collectible Cards Will Return at PSX 2017

    Gotta catch 'em all

    For those of you who don’t know, Sony weirdly started a collectible card series at PlayStation Experience a few years back. It’s been adding to its collection of foil-embossed ephemera at various events like E3 and Road to Greatness, and once again the popular paper-based goods will return at PSX 2017 later in the year...


  • News PlayStation Experience 2017 Tickets Can Be Purchased Now

    Sony teases "special event" before the show

    Sony’s annual PlayStation Experience bonanza will return to the Anaheim Convention Center on 9th and 10th December – and you’re all invited. Well, if you buy tickets, of course. Sony’s flogging Early Bird passes online right now, and they include access to a “special event” the evening before...


  • News PlayStation Experience 2017 Makes Tracks for Malaysia This August

    Sure, why not?

    There’ll be a PlayStation Experience in South East Asia in addition to the main event planned for Anaheim in December. Sony’s confirmed that a similar show will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 5th August, where fans will get hands-on time with a variety of upcoming games. Confirmed titles thus far include Detroit: Become...


  • E3 2017 Sony Considering Gamescom 2017 Press Conference

    Platform holder pondering European show

    Sony’s always been a big presence on the Gamescom showfloor, but it opted not to hold a German press conference in 2015 due to scheduling issues and again in 2016 as it placed increased focus on E3 and PlayStation Experience. But now PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryan has hinted that it may hold a European...

  • Talking Point Is PSX Now More Important to Sony Than E3?

    Priorities may be shifting

    Here’s a question worth pondering: is Sony’s own PlayStation Experience now more important to the platform holder than E3? Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said yesterday that the company held back PlayStation 4 exclusive announcements during its press conference this week, and that we’d learn more about...

  • E3 2017 PlayStation Experience 2017 Slated for December

    Clear your diary

    We love covering all of the conventions here at Push Square, but we definitely have a soft spot for PlayStation Experience. The annual fan event has become a part of the PlayStation fabric in recent years, so we’re excited to learn that it will return to the Anaheim Convention Center between 9th December and 10th December this...

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