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  • News Life of Pixel Is a Platformer Set Inside Classic Computers

    Way back machine

    There have already been a handful of interesting ideas published as part of Sony’s cross-platform portable gaming initiative PlayStation Mobile – but Super Icon’s upcoming Life of Pixel is in a different league. The quirky release – which is currently in submission with Sony – promises to deliver a puzzle platformer set...

  • News Sony Launches PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Vote

    Who's your number one?

    It’s ironic that just as we started planning our own game of the year festivities behind the scenes – more on that soon – the PlayStation Blog has launched its own celebratory poll. This is a community endeavour, and it allows you to vote for your favourite PlayStation releases across a slew of different categories...




  • News Sony Streamlining PlayStation Mobile Ratings System

    Easy peasy

    Publishing a game on PlayStation Mobile won’t require developers to go through the same ratings rigmarole as normal console releases. Sony has devised a new system which allows studios to self-report content on a submission form. That saves the time and overhead required for a ratings board to check the content manually – meaning the...

  • News PlayStation Mobile Launches on 3rd October

    New manufacturers on board

    A swift snippet from Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier today: PlayStation Mobile will officially launch on 3rd October. The cross-platform initiative will be supported by both Sharp and Fujitsu, who have officially joined the growing list of certified hardware providers. The service will launch alongside 30...

  • News Eufloria Adventures Blossoms onto PlayStation Mobile

    Setting roots

    We’re gradually beginning to learn a little more about what we can expect from PlayStation Mobile – and, by extension, the titles we can look forward to playing. One such experience set to join the growing roster of launch games is Eufloria Adventures, a follow-up to last year’s PSN release by Omni Systems. The sequel will...



  • News Watch Left 4 Dead Running on PlayStation Vita

    Endless possibilities

    If you thought PlayStation Mobile (formerly PlayStation Suite) was merely a limited software development kit designed to get indie titles running on the Vita, then you might need to adjust your expectations. One technical magician has managed to build a remote play-esque application that allows PC shooter Left 4 Dead to run on...