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  • News Holy Crap, Bandai Namco Is Bringing Gundam Versus West on PS4

    About time

    Whoa, this came out of nowhere. We were casually browsing YouTube when we stumbled across a brand new video from Bandai Namco - namely a Western announcement trailer for Gundam Versus, which is due out on PlayStation 4 in Japan soon. The latest game in the hit Japanese series, Gundam Versus sees teams of two mobile suits go head-to-head...




  • News There's a Way to Play Gundam Breaker 3 in English This April

    As long as you don't mind importing

    Even though Bandai Namco is localising Vita action game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force later this year, that hasn't stopped many fans from lusting after Gundam Breaker 3 - another mech-based brawler that's launching on PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan on the 3rd March. Sadly, there's been no word of the...

  • News Is This a Gundam Game You'd Like to See Come West?

    Fantastic plastic

    At some point later this year, Europe and North America are getting their hands on a localisation of Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force - a Vita action title that's stuffed with numerous playable suits from Japan's biggest mecha franchise. However, VS-Force isn't necessarily the Gundam game that many fans actually want to see...



  • News Bandai Namco Isn't Against Localising Gundam Games

    Hail Zeon

    Gundam as a whole is a bit of a weird franchise when it comes to localisation. The property has been ridiculously popular in its native Japan ever since the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime launched all the way back in 1979, but it's never quite amassed a huge amount of fame in the West. That said, Gundam certainly still has its...

  • TGS 2015 Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force Stomps to PS Vita

    Gun-damn, this looks good

    There was more PlayStation Vita during Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference today than every E3 media briefing ever combined, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force was just one of the titles on display. Series enthusiast Robert Ramsey has bogged off to get some lunch, so it's down to this clueless author to try...


  • News Gundam Is Gracing the PS4 with a Free-To-Play Title

    Psheew, psheew

    Gundam's blasting onto PlayStation 4, but it's perhaps not the type of title many fans would have wanted. The mech-'em-up has been dubbed free-to-play, and it'll be available on PS4 and PS3 - at least in Japan. Indeed, the chances of Gundam: Battle Operation Next coming West are slim - as always - but the silver lining here is that...