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  • Rumour PlayStation 3 To Get Price-Drop At GamesCom In August

    It's not really a rumour is it

    Everyone's expecting the PlayStation 3 to get a price-drop this year, and there's no better positioned event than August's GamesCom. Sony's known for bringing the heat to the European event, while its competitors flounder. Sounds like a no-brainer to us. MCV's got the report, citing a new price-point of between £179.99 and £199.99 will be announced for the PS3 at..



  • News Evidence For Quantic Dream's Next Game Mounts

    Snippets of information pieced together by superannuation's Twitter feed, TheSixthAxis and NeoGAF [quite the collaborative effort

    Ed] might just be enough to paint our first impression of Quantic Dream's next project. We've known for a while that David Cage and his crew have been working on two new projects, but now we have the briefest sniff of some information. First up, domain registration..