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    Review Super Cloudbuilt

    Destination heaven

    Parkour as a mechanic has become synonymous with the first-person shooter genre as of late. The likes of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the Titanfall series brought the art of wall running to the masses, but rarely does a game outside of the FPS family incorporate free running to the point where it’s the way to get about...


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    Review Prison Architect

    The perfect crime

    Porting PC simulation games to consoles is fraught with danger, with systemic complexities and control issues abound. Thankfully, Prison Architect manages to avoid most of these pitfalls, and serves as an exemplar of how the genre should make the transition in future. In the game's main mode you'll be presented with a large plot...



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    Review Goat Simulator

    For goat's sake

    Let's not be sheepish: Goat Simulator has been designed to attract obnoxious YouTube neckbeards like a farmyard does flies. Stop for a second and consider the credentials: ragdoll physics, an oh-so random premise, and a PewDiePie-inspired slow-mo button that's always on-demand; add an ADD inflicted man-child to this bubonic broth and...



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    Review Frozen Synapse Prime

    Fail to plan, plan to fail

    Never has the phrase ‘No plan survives contact with the enemy’ been truer than when playing Frozen Synapse Prime on the PlayStation Vita. This turn-based tactics game has a real talent for throwing a spanner in the works, forcing you to hastily change your combat plans. Taking on the role of a tactician, you’ll...


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    Review PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

    Above and beyond

    Double Eleven probably didn’t need to put this much effort into PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, but the British-based studio has anyway. By combining both previous Q-Games developed PixelJunk Shooter games into a single package – as well as fix up a variety of small problems along the way – it's managed to take two of the most...


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    Review PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD


    If you thought that you'd saved the Tiki tribe from the perilous monster hoards attacking your settlements, then think again. Waves of vicious beasts still roam the wilderness, and Tikiman still only has one defence. It's time to construct towers augmented with powerful weapons and once again protect your kin from being gobbled up in...

  • News PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD Lays a Trap on 30th July

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    Double Eleven’s delicious high-definition port of PlayStation Network classic PixelJunk Monsters will crash like a cannonball onto the PlayStation Vita later this month. The British developer has confirmed that the tastefully titled PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD will strut onto Sony’s slick handheld on 30th July in...




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