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  • News PlayStation Experience 2017 Makes Tracks for Malaysia This August

    Sure, why not?

    There’ll be a PlayStation Experience in South East Asia in addition to the main event planned for Anaheim in December. Sony’s confirmed that a similar show will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 5th August, where fans will get hands-on time with a variety of upcoming games. Confirmed titles thus far include Detroit: Become...


  • News PlayStation Plus in Asia Is Properly Freakin' Amazing

    Setting standards

    While we think the criticisms pointed at PlayStation Plus are a little harsh, there can be no denying that the service isn’t quite firing on all cylinders like it was during the previous generation. In our humble opinion, the service has become a victim of its own success, with publishers reluctant to giveaway titles that still...


  • TGS 2015 PS4's Price Drop Extends to Asia As Well

    Could the West be next?

    Do we still think that Sony's not going to drop the price of the PlayStation 4 globally before the holidays are over? Hot on the heels of Japan's recently revealed RRP reduction, the platform holder has announced that it will be cutting the cost of its new-gen system across Asia, with the likes of China, Hong Kong, and...


  • News Looks Like Korea's Getting Some PS4 Greatest Hits

    The essentials

    We suppose that the PlayStation 4's just about old enough to command a Greatest Hits label, and it looks like that's exactly what it'll be getting in South Korea from 22nd April. We can't read the region's moon language, so we apologise for any errors in advance, but it seems like the cut-price releases will retail for ₩27,800...


  • News PS4 Makes a Song and Dance in Korea on 17th December

    Geez, geez

    Spare a thought for Japan, which is pretty much the only region not set to get the PlayStation 4 this year. Not content with deploying across the majority of the Western world, Sony has announced that the next generation console will arrive in South Korea on 17th December. Way back in September, the firm confirmed that Hong Kong,...


  • TGS 2013 Sorry Japan, Asia Is Getting the PS4 This Year Too

    Forever alone

    It appears that Japan will be one of the few major gaming territories not playing the PlayStation 4 this year. During a Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier today – yes, another one – Sony confirmed that its next generation console will launch in December in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. As reported...


  • News Latest PlayStation Vita Colour Is As Cold As Ice

    Not willing to sacrifice, though

    Sony’s trotting out another new PlayStation Vita colour in Asia next month. The chilly ‘Ice Silver’ design is set to release on 28th February in Hong Kong, with additional regions nabbing the hue in early March. “By continually releasing a vast library of exciting and attractive software titles, SCE is also...


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