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Feature: The Making Of WipEout

The Making Of WipEout

We speak exclusively to the guys that changed the face of racing games forever

Following the recent closure of Studio Liverpool, we decided the time was ripe to investigate the story behind one of the most famous franchises to emerge from the developer: WipEout. One of the first PlayStation titles to really show off the raw 3D muscle of the...

News: Fan-Made WipEout Album Pays Tribute to Psygnosis

Fan-Made WipEout Album Pays Tribute to Psygnosis

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It surprised many when Sony shut down Studio Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis and developer of one of the most iconic game series on Sony's systems, WipEout. The most recent entry, WipEout 2048, is one of the best titles on Vita, but the fate of the franchise is unclear now that its driving force has been disbanded. For many,...