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News: PS4 Pro Has More Memory Than the Base Model

PS4 Pro Has More Memory Than the Base Model

Level up

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 Pro has an additional gigabyte of memory compared to the existing unit. This bonus is not directly for use in games, but to help the console with application switching; currently that process is handled by the existing 8GB GDDR5 RAM included with the PS4, but now it can be offloaded to the extra...

News: Sony Partners with ESL for PS4 Tournaments

Sony Partners with ESL for PS4 Tournaments

Got what it takes?

Do you think that you're the MVP? Sony has partnered with the ESL to bring tournaments to the PlayStation 4, so it's time to prove your worth. Sign-ups have opened today in the Events hub on the new-gen console, with NBA 2K17 the first title to score support in North America, while FIFA 17, WRC 5, and Project CARS will also be...

News: Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4 Has Walking Towers

Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4 Has Walking Towers

Because of course it does

No open world game is complete without towers for you to climb, and Horizon: Zero Dawn is no different. Guerrilla Games' gorgeous role-playing release will see you clambering up dino-bots in order to reach a vantage point, which will unlock points of interest on the map. Yeah. Look, at least these lookout points are...

Review: Here They Lie (PS4)

Here They Lie (PS4)

And here they’ll stay

When Sony set out to launch its own virtual reality headset, one of the most important things that it had to do is make sure that it had lots of games released alongside it. Through the years, the games industry has seen many a peripheral fail miserably due to a lack of support. To combat this, an impressively large launch...

News: It's Friday Night, So PSN Is Down

It's Friday Night, So PSN Is Down


Just in time for the weekend, eh? There are reports whipping around that the PlayStation Network is experiencing some issues - although thankfully, they don't seem to be too widespread. Follow us on Twitter for more immediate updates on this outage We can confirm that we're online without any problems here at Push Square Towers, but...

Review: Super Stardust Ultra VR (PS4)

Super Stardust Ultra VR (PS4)

Super Starbust

Super Stardust is becoming a bit of a new PlayStation hardware tradition. Ever since the venerable Super Stardust HD, the Housemarque developed arcade shooter has appeared on every Sony system released – including the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and now PlayStation VR. But is the concept strong enough to...