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  • News SingStar Frozen to Let It Go on PS4, PS3

    Cool stuff

    You know that you’re getting old when you haven’t got a clue what kids are into anymore, and the chilling success of Frozen has somewhat passed this editor by. We’re informed on good authority that the Disney flick is enormous all around the globe, though, so it’s no surprise to see Sony lining up a special version of SingStar...





  • News SingStar Dad Raises £2,800 for Hospital, Breaks World Record

    A song to remember

    Earlier this year we brought you news about Julian Hill, a Dad who was planning to complete a 24-hour SingStar challenge for charity, specifically raising money for London's Great Ormond Street Hospital as a thanks for the life-saving operation provided to his baby daughter. The great news is that this challenge has now been...

  • News 24-Hour SingStar Marathon Kicks Off Today

    Wish him well

    Julian Hill's SingStar endurance challenge starts today in London, with the dedicated dad raising money for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital by playing the karaoke game for 24 hours straight. At the Ambassador's Bloomsbury Hotel in London, Hill will make his way through every song in the SingStar series over the next 24 hours...


  • News Dad Takes on 24-hour Singstar Challenge for Charity

    Singing to thank children's hospital

    A father is planning a rather challenging 24-hour marathon of SingStar in order to raise money for London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. Julian Hill will be performing as a thanks to the charity, who performed life-saving open-heart surgery to save his one-year old daughter, Amelia. It will take place in...


  • News Sony: Some Players Spend Thousands Of Pounds On SingStar

    We've only ever wanted to buy one song from SingStar's in-game DLC store: Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean

    That makes us lightweights. According to a report on Eurogamer, there are several players that own more than 900 SingStar tracks. That roughly equates to about £1,000 worth of content. Similarly, Sony noted that there are hundreds of players with more than 500 songs. That's still a reasonable..




  • News Extra Extra, Get Your SingStar Dance Tracklist Here

    "Bust a Move" takes on a whole new meaning

    SingStar Dance may not be high on your list of most anticipated Move games, but we're betting one look at this tracklisting will bring a sparkle to your eye. The idea of getting a Move on to MC Hammer, Sir Mix A Lot and Shaggy is surely too alluring for many to resist, with a fairly wide variety in between...


  • News SingStar Gets Vibrato Support, PSP Remote Control

    SingStar's a bit like the gift that keeps giving

    For years Sony's karaoke platform has evolved - delivering iteration upon iteration to its core, yet somewhat niche, fanbase. And Sony's showing no sign of stopping that support with the addition of Vibrato. The new feature will allow you to pull your best Leona Lewis and actually score points for fluctuating held notes, rather than being penalised -..

  • News SingStar Gets Free Online Battle Mode Update This Summer

    Still playing SingStar? The likelihood is yes, it's definitely the best karaoke game on consoles

    Thus you'll be delighted to hear that Sony and Studio London have a new free update in the pipeline for you: Online Battle Mode. Here you'll be able to send invites to your friends and challenge them to a song performance. Both players will need to own the song in question, but if you do you'll even be..


  • News SingStar Sells A Whopping 20million Units

    Sony have just announced that their specialist karaoke franchise has now topped 20million units sold

    The franchise began in 2004 and has seen numerous versions over the past 5 years, right up to the latest Take That themed release. We expect a Michael Jackson SingStar will be on the cards for early next year, with the franchise completely free to go as specialist as it likes in the future. Sony..






  • News What Are The Top Ten Most Downloaded Singstar Songs?

    Well, seeing as you asked so kindly, we of course can tell you

    The cultural phenomenon's most downloaded are: 1. Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler2. Final Countdown - Europe3. Just Like A Pill - Pink4. Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley5. Torn - Natalie Imbruglia6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper7. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor8. Take On Me - A-ha9. Baby One More Time - Britney..