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  • News Bonkers Kissing Simulator Chulip Puckers Up for PS3


    Utterly insane PlayStation 2 snogging simulator Chulip is set to get a re-release, if an ESRB rating is to be believed. The loopy love ‘em up originally released in North America back in 2007 – almost five years after it first debuted in Japan. The adventure game – which was eventually brought overseas by Natsume – sees you stomping...






  • News Afrika Finally Hits The USA, We Get Our Preorder On

    Afrika is finally out in the USA

    The game hasn't really been treated with the respect it deserves (hey, even if it's rubbish, worse games get better treatment) after Sony only released the snap-em-up in Japan, despite interest from around the world. Natsume have handled the game's port (kudos to them) and basically announced out of the blue today that the game is out in the US."We are very..



  • News The North American Release Of Afrika Will Include Trophies

    Speaking with Siliconera, Graham Markay - the VP of Natsume, who are publishing Sony's Afrika in North America - has confirmed that one of the few tweaks being made to the game is trophy support

    When prompted for changes he responded:First and foremost there is going to be a trophy system, which wasn’t in the Asian release or Japanese release. There have been other suggestions from us and other..