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  • News Microsoft Didn't Expect Sony to Ditch 4K Blu-ray Either

    What the 4K?

    We probably all expected the PlayStation 4 Pro to have a 4K Blu-ray player – Sony's one of the founders of the physical media format, after all. But the supercharged system doesn't, with the Japanese giant favouring streaming ahead of the disc-based playback option. And it turns out even its main competitor Microsoft expected the...

  • News PS4 Pro Requires Very Little Investment from Developers

    One or two people working on Sony titles

    CD Projekt Red's decision not to update The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for the PlayStation 4 Pro has prompted some people to ponder just how many resources developers need to commit to the new machine. According to Digital Foundry, the answer is very few, as it's reporting that just one person from Sony Bend is...

  • Poll Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Player?

    A moment of clarity

    Sony took a bath on the PlayStation 3 just to get Blu-ray into as many homes as possible, so it's strange to see the company ignore the fledgling Ultra High-Definition Blu-ray format a decade later. Times have changed since the turbulent days of 2006, of course: streaming is, for many, their primary means of consuming media now...

  • TGS 2016 Ogle Some Off-Screen PS4 Pro Images

    Final Fantasy XV! Uncharted 4! Horizon: Zero Dawn!

    With regards to 4K resolution and HDR, you really need to see the PlayStation 4 Pro with your own eyes in order to appreciate the improvements that it offers. However, at the Tokyo Game Show this week, Sony is showing off a handful of titles on a very expensive panel – and Game Watch took a few...

  • News Sony 'Pleasantly Surprised' by Strong PS4 Pro Pre-Orders

    That's a pro, then

    We suppose that the reaction to the PlayStation 4 Pro could be described as mixed, but its sales seem to be off to a decent start. It's dominated the best sellers list on Amazon for some time now, and we've heard from a couple of retail sources that pre-orders are looking decent in both the UK and in the US. And now Sony has...

  • News UK Store GAME Will Sell You a PS4 Pro for £174.99

    But you'll need to make some trades

    Many have asked whether retailers intend to offer trade-up programmes for the recently announced PlayStation 4 Pro, and it looks like GAME is the first. The UK outlet will sell you one of the supercharged systems for £174.99 – assuming that you're willing to make some trades. It's worth noting that this offer...

  • Video We Got One of Those PS4 Slim Things

    And ours isn't off the back of a lorry

    Leaks presumably irritate every organisation operating in the games industry, but Sony must have been particularly peeved by the PlayStation 4 Slim's premature reveal. Today we learned an important lesson about the diminutive device: it's not very photogenic. Like, at all. To the degree where we gave up...

  • News Final Fantasy XV's PS4 Slim Bundle Will Cost You More Than a Pro

    But it does come with a lot of goodies

    Final Fantasy may not be the juggernaut that it once was, but it's still comfortably one of the most iconic franchises in PlayStation's stable. And after a brief dalliance with Microsoft around the launch of Final Fantasy XIII, it's nice to see the series back where it belongs – firmly under the PlayStation...

  • TGS 2016 Sony Hasn't Forgotten About the PS Vita Entirely

    New colours incoming overseas

    The PlayStation Vita put in an appearance at Sony's TGS 2016 press conference today – albeit a rather fleeting one. The platform holder took a moment to announce that two new colours will be available in Japan starting 1st December: Silver and Metallic Red. Both models will retail for ‎¥18,980 (~$186).

  • TGS 2016 Final Fantasy XV PS4 Slim Is Over the Moon

    Another Noctis in the bedpost

    Sony announced the first custom PlayStation 4 Slim hardware design – and it's a tasty one. The Luna Edition – which, sadly, won't be available in the PS4 Pro format it seems – will cost ¥‎39,980 (~$392) and will feature the moon motif from Final Fantasy XV on its front. It will come with a copy of the game,...

  • News Uncharted 4's PS4 Slim Bundle Is An Absolute Steal

    Canadians getting robbed, though

    Sony announced this week that the new PlayStation 4 Slim will retail for $299.99 in the United States. Good price, right? Well, it gets better, as starting 15th September, you'll be able to buy the diet device as part of an Uncharted 4: A Thief's End bundle – which will also cost you a meagre $299.99. Pre-orders...

  • News Will PS4 Pro Improve Games on Traditional 1080p HDTVs?

    Yes, and here's a quick look at how

    Sony will have learned a lot about PlayStation 4 Pro and how to market the machine this week, with the way it talks about traditional 1080p televisions being a crucial reality check. While the new hardware has clearly been designed to excel in 4K with HDR switched on, it's simply not true that the console will...

  • News There'll Be a Logo on PS4 Pro Enhanced Game Cases

    Oh great

    It's usually around this stage in the generation that box art gets completely murdered by superfluous logos, and between PlayStation VR and the new PlayStation 4 Pro, the Japanese giant is planning to make a right old mess. Games Radar reports that titles enhanced by Sony's new hardware – which should, we must stress, end up being all...

  • Feature Everything You Need to Know About PS4 Pro

    All of your questions answered

    Sony was always going to have difficulty explaining what the PlayStation 4 Pro is – and, perhaps more importantly, who it's for – during its PlayStation Meeting press conference this week. The console, which represents a kind of half-step for the existing PS4 model, is not intended to blur generations or begin...

  • News This Is the Best PS4 Pro Sales Pitch You'll See Today

    On the Mark

    Mark Cerny's got a way with words that makes everything he says - no matter how outlandish - sound completely and totally reasonable. The PlayStation 4's lead system architect, Cerny is essentially responsible for the design of Sony's current-gen platforms - including the newly announced PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Who better to sell you a...

  • News The New PS4 Controller Offers More Than Just Another Lightbar

    Mark Cerny shares a secret

    Hmmmm, this is an interesting little detail. In a new video on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, lead system architect Mark Cerny reveals that the revised DualShock 4 controller, which will be packaged with the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro, won't just add another lightbar - it will, in fact, offer...

  • Reaction Shrewd Sony Looks to Continue Market Domination with PS4 Pro

    Pro tip

    Sony announced two new consoles at its PlayStation Meeting press conference today: the new PS4 Pro system and the already-leaked PS4 Slim. But with reactions mixed across the web, what do we think of the Japanese giant's bold new strategy? In this article, editors Sammy Barker and Robert Ramsey react to today's presser. Sammy Barker,...

  • News Pre-Order Your PS4 Pro Console Right Now

    PS4 Slim pre-orders also live ahead of launch

    A few hours ago, we didn't really know what the PlayStation 4 Pro was going to be. Now, however, pre-orders are beginning to go live. Amazon, as is so often the case, is one of the first major retailers to hop aboard the pre-order train – and here are all the links you'll need to nab Sony's latest...

  • News Here's Your First Look at Sony's New PS4 Pro Console

    Big Mac

    As anticipated, Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro during its PlayStation Meeting press conference earlier this evening, which will boast a significantly enhanced GPU and tons of bells and whistles on top of the current model, like 4K resolution and HDR support. And it will release on 10th November, with a price of $399.99. But what...

  • News PS4 Pro Doesn't Appear to Have a 4K Blu-ray Player

    4K off

    In what may be the first bloody nose that Sony's sustained this generation, the PlayStation 4 Pro won't come with a 4K Blu-ray drive. The platform holder didn't mention Blu-ray once during its press conference this evening, and now a slew of senior reporters in New York are claiming that the console won't support Ultra High-Definition...

  • News Every PS4 Console to Be Upgraded with HDR Support

    Patch incoming to unlock new potential

    Much of Sony's press conference today, of course, centred on the new PlayStation 4 Pro console – but there was good news for existing owners of the system, too. Speaking during the PlayStation Meeting 2016 press conference, suit Andrew House announced that every single system will be updated to support high...

  • News PS4 Slim Will Release by 15th September for $299

    Hitting shelves on 15th September

    Bet you weren't expecting this: the PlayStation 4 Slim was finally announced at today's PlayStation Meeting presser. Right off the bat, Andrew House announced that this more energy-efficient, smaller system (which looks exactly as the many leaks claimed it would) will be available from 15th September this year,...

  • News PS4 Pro Confirmed, Launches November 2016 for $399


    Sony has confirmed that the PS4K or 'Neo' is real - and that it's actually called the PlayStation 4 Pro. As leaked reports earlier in the year suggested, the Pro will support 4K televisions, and it's more powerful than the regular system. It'll supposedly allow for more graphical detail, better frame rates, and faster load times in your...

  • Rumour PS4K Neo Launches This Week According to Report

    That was fast

    We're now a couple of days away from a Sony press conference, so that can only mean one thing: rumours, and lots of them. This latest whisper comes from the Financial Times via GameSpot, who report that the PlayStation 4K, codenamed Neo, may well release later this week. Wait, what? As many of you are no doubt aware, Sony is hosting...

  • News So, Where Did Those Leaked PS4 Slims Actually Come From?

    The UAE, apparently

    The PlayStation 4 Slim will be officially announced on the 7th September at Sony's PlayStation Meeting - that much is guaranteed at this point - but where did all of these leaked consoles actually come from? If you haven't been keeping up to date on this story, Slims, in all of their real, physical glory, have been found in the...



  • News GameStop's Boss Just Hinted PS4K Is Coming in 2016


    GameStop is far and away the biggest video game retailer in the United States, and CEO Paul Raines is privy to information that none of us know. Fortunately, every time that he appears on national television, he tends to let us in on the secret – he more or less dated PlayStation VR before Sony had a chance to, after all. And now he's...

  • News Amazon Readies for Release of New PS4 Console

    Spanish arm expects new system on 13th October

    Amazon Spain has added a new product page for a brand new PlayStation 4 console set to release on 13th October, prompting speculation that it could be the anticipated PS4K – or Neo as it's also known. The listing includes a €399.99 price point, which is exactly what we'd expect the upgraded...

  • News PS4 Was USA's Best Selling Box for the Eighth Month Running in June

    View from the top

    The latest NPD report has been delayed while digital data is added to the tracking, but it has been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console for June 2016. This is the eighth month in a row now that Sony's system has been on top, with Halo 5 being the last game to cause a temporary upset all the way back in...

  • News Devs May Start Submitting PS4K Compatible Titles Next Month

    Developer documentation leaks

    As alluded in our Talking Point earlier today, we suspect that PlayStation 4K may happen fast. Sony's talked about its desire of selling the system soon after its announcement, and that could come any day now. Indeed, developer documentation which has leaked online suggests that studios will be able to start...

  • News Hey, the Steel Black PS4 Controller Isn't Bad Either

    It's no crystal, but what is?

    You've heard us go gaga over the sublime crystal DualShock 4, but Sony clearly isn't content with just one lavish hardware trailer. The PlayStation maker's just thrown out another video showcasing the steel black controller, which, while not quite as impressive as the aforementioned transparent beauty, is still rather...

  • News These PS4 Bundles Are Getting Bigger and Bigger

    Putting on weight

    Console bundles become a less interesting point of discussion the older a platform gets, but while we've been ignoring PlayStation 4 packages for some time, Sony's been quietly making them bigger and bigger. Take this 1TB bundle available from UK retailer GAME starting tomorrow: it includes Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Bloodborne,...

  • News Drool Over This Crystal PS4 Controller Trailer


    This particular author remembers being distinctly jealous of a kid back in primary school who had a crystal Game Boy Colour. It wasn't a "sexy" piece of hardware, per se, but there's just something strangely compelling about transparent tech. We're sure that some of you won't agree, of course, but before you start gobbing in the...

  • News Analyst Reckons Sony May Release a PS4 Slim as Well as PS4K

    How many PS4s do you need?

    Hmmmm, let's put this one in the 'we're not convinced but maybe' pile. According to comments from Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong, Sony could well release a PlayStation 4 Slim as well as the recently confirmed PlayStation 4K - or 'Neo', as it's more commonly referred to. If there's truth to this, then it would...



  • News GameStop's Anticipating New Console Reveals at E3 2016

    PS4, k?

    Who's ready for new consoles? You're… Not? Well, it seems like you're going to get them anyway, with GameStop hinting that E3 2016 next month will host the reveal of new hardware. Sony is, of course, rumoured to be prepping the announcement of the rumoured PlayStation 4K, while recent reports have pointed to about a dozen different Xbox...

  • News PS4 Is a Beast! Sales Surpass 40 Million Units

    Still Sony's fastest-selling system

    While the industry may be awash with rumours of iterative hardware upgrades, the PlayStation 4 is continuing to quietly chug along at an intense pace, with the platform holder confirming today that sales have now surpassed 40 million units worldwide. This means that the system is still the fastest-selling in...

  • News Sony Expects to Sell a Lot of PS4 Consoles This Fiscal Year

    Like, a lot

    Sony's released its sales forecasts for the fiscal year which started in April, and they paint a very interesting picture for the PlayStation 4. According to the company, it expects to sell 20 million new-gen systems through the period which ends 31st March, 2017. That's a sizeable increase on previous fiscal years, with the console...

  • News Is PS4K Scheduled to Launch Before October?

    For the upgraders

    The PlayStation 4K, or Neo as it's supposedly codenamed, is not a rumour anymore; Sony may have refrained from commenting on the upgraded hardware, but it's almost certainly happening. The big question is: when? Previous rumours pegged the supercharged platform for October, which is when PlayStation VR is also set to deploy.

  • News PS4 Was the Best Selling Console in the US Last Month

    Confirmation at last

    Sony refrained from releasing its usual self-fellating PR statement following last night's NPD report, leading many – ourselves included – to assume that the PlayStation 4 had failed to secure a seventh successive spell at the top of the US hardware charts. However, it's since confirmed to IGN that its new-gen system was...


  • News Sony Is Making 1080p a Requirement for Neo Mode Games on PS4K

    Frame rate can't be lower than the base game, either

    The internet's still reeling from the news that PS4K seems to be the real deal, but the details just won't stop dripping. On the latest Giant Bombcast - the podcast of Giant Bomb, the publication that initially revealed the contents of the PS4K technical documents - it's pointed out that Sony...

  • Feature Everything We Know About PS4K So Far

    Neo way

    Whether you like it or not, the PlayStation 4K – or Neo, as it's purportedly codenamed – is real. The system, which has been a hot source of speculation since the Game Developers Conference earlier in the year, was blown wide open earlier today, as

  • News Sony's Sending out PS4K Dev Kits Right Now

    And so it begins

    Bloody hell, it's all kicking off today isn't it? Following Giant Bomb's earlier leak and probable confirmation of the existence of the PS4K, our pals over at Digital Foundry have stepped into the fray, backing up the claims and stating that they've also got their hands on the leaked technical documents. In short, everything...

  • News PS4K Is Codenamed Neo, Has Upgraded Specs, Will Not Supplant Existing PS4 Systems

    Devs requested to support both consoles starting this October

    Sony probably won't be happy today, as the PlayStation 4K has leaked in full – assuming that Giant Bomb's sources are correct. We've already heard a lot about the Japanese giant's hypothetical hardware half-step, but it seems that documentation regarding the device is now in the hands...

  • News GameStop's Stoked About the PS4K At the Very Least

    Money, money, money

    While most of you remain unconvinced by the heavily rumoured PlayStation 4K, the big cheese at GameStop is rubbing his hands like a pantomime villain. Speaking at an investor day, COO Tony Bartel told an audience that, while the company's not basing its forecast particularly heavily on new formats, it's hyped about all of the...

  • News Is This the Beginning of the End for the PlayStation Vita?

    Sony starting to cease shipments, it seems

    It seems like, over four years since its original launch, the PlayStation Vita is nearing the end of its run. Reports are swirling that Sony has ceased shipping the system to the Netherlands, with major retailer Bol.com currently having only two units left in stock. And now a retail source has told NDTV...

  • News These PS4 Bundles Are Getting Better All of the Time

    Such games! Much low prices!

    We were reporting on PlayStation 4 console bundles constantly around launch, but they've gotten less interesting as the machine has matured. This one deserves a quick post, though, because NewEgg is currently selling a 500GB Star Wars Battlefront bundle with Dark Souls III and Fallout 4 on its

  • News So, the PS4K Has Been Under Our Nose All Along

    We just didn't pay attention

    This whole PlayStation 4K lark has been like a bullet train: we're already sick of writing about it and you've expressed your dissatisfaction regarding our regular posts about it. But it's kinda come out of nowhere, right? Well, we've been thinking about the hypothetical hardware half-step for a few days now – obvs...



  • News Sony Switches Off PlayStation TV Shipments in Japan

    Tuned out

    Sony's pushed the power button on PlayStation TV in Japan, with an update on its website stressing that it's no longer shipping the microconsole to local retailers. The failed format is still available from some stores, of course, but the platform holder will not be replenishing inventory once current stocks run out. In other words, it's...

  • News Uncharted 4's Limited Edition PS4 Bundle Is a True Treasure

    Gorgeous custom console launching in April

    Well, well – this is a bit tasty, isn't it? Sony has announced a limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which is set to release alongside the game starting 26th April. And let us be the first to say that it's really rather hot. The console will cost you $399.99 in the...


  • News Finally, We Can Compare PS4 and Xbox One Sales

    Sony's way out in the lead

    Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox One hardware sales recently, suggesting that its Monthly Active Users metric is more important than its flagship format's install base. Fortunately, an EA investor report and a bit of math has enabled us to, for the first time in a long while, see how the Redmond firm's box is performing in...

  • News Shoryuken Handle This Street Fighter V PS4 Bundle?

    You rise me up

    If you've been waiting for an opportunity to snap up a PlayStation 4, then perhaps this Street Fighter V set will entice you to rise up. The bundle – launching in Europe next month – includes a 1TB Jet Black console, a Jet Black DualShock 4, and a physical copy of Street Fighter V. There's no custom hard drive panel like in...

  • News Yep, PS4 Is Wrecking the Competition in France, Too

    On top of the Old World

    Surprise, surprise: the PlayStation 4 is sweeping aside the Xbox One and Wii U in France according to newly released sales data from French publication LeFigaro. As we reported earlier, Sony's latest console is also dominating the market in Germany, so it's safe to say that the Japanese company appears to still ha

  • News Street Fighter V's Custom PS4 Designs Are Knock Outs

    Only in Japan, though

    As is the case with practically every major PlayStation 4 release in Japan, platform holder Sony has prepared some custom Street Fighter V hardware bundles, which are up for pre-order now from its official store. There are four variants available for ¥37,480 ($320), each boasting a different etching on the hard drive cover...

  • News PS4 Is Walking All Over the Competition in Germany

    Sony controls almost 70 per cent of the market

    There's a perception perhaps more among American gamers that the PlayStation 4 is only really seeing such wild success right now because Microsoft dropped the ball with its Xbox One at launch. While there's some truth to that, we've always tried to explain that the main reason Sony's so far ahead is...

  • News PS5 Could Launch as Early as 2019, Reckons Analyst

    Looking to the future

    While the PlayStation 4 is already well on its way to the coveted 100 million units milestone, in a secret bunker somewhere, we suspect that system architect Mark Cerny will be thinking about the PlayStation 5. The system's years away at this point, but given that the death knell hasn't sounded on home consoles just yet, we...

  • News Crikey! PS4's Install Base Reaches 35.9 Million Units

    Ain't no stopping this train

    Holy best seller, Batman – the PlayStation 4 has now sold 35.9 million units worldwide. The number, as reported in a Sony press release, represents the amount of consoles sold through to consumers as of 3rd January – and so it doesn't include those devices sitting in a Wal-Mart warehouse or in transit. The figure's...

  • News Watch a Hacked PS4 Playing Pokémon: PlayStation Version

    Gotta hack 'em all

    Sigh. The Push Square office has been a hotbed of communication over the past 24 hours as we consider whether to cover this PlayStation 4 hack or not. Ultimately, it sounds like console cracking crew Fail0verflow are not planning anything nefarious, so we'll give it a teensy bit of attention – if only because the footage of...



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