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  • News Summer Lesson Spin-Off Aims to Prove Blondes Have More Fun

    Oh, Ali

    Do you remember when PlayStation VR flirt-‘em-up Summer Lesson was first announced and it featured a blonde character instead of the brunette who would eventual go on to star in the game? Well, publisher Bandai Namco is releasing a second episode in Japan named Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Seven Days Garden, which is scheduled to release in...

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    Review Tekken 7

    Rage against the Mishima

    It's been five whole years since we last had a Tekken game on a PlayStation platform – not counting the free-to-play and hilariously unbalanced Tekken Revolution. As such, Tekken 7 finds itself in a slightly tricky spot. Expectations are high when it comes to the series' latest entry, and with other big-name beat-'em-ups...

  • News Tekken World Tour Announced, Offers Over $200,000 in Prize Money

    Better start practising those juggles

    Ahead of Tekken 7's worldwide release next week, Bandai Namco has officially announced the Tekken World Tour - a series of tournaments that will take place across the world throughout the rest of the year. Participating players will compete for ranking points which will determine their place on regional...

  • News Tekken 7 Lashes Out with Another Flashy Character Trailer

    Master Raven! Dragunov! Lili! Yoshimitsu!

    Another Tekken 7 character trailer? It's almost like someone at Bandai Namco realised that the game is only about a week away and now they're in a desperate race against time to highlight every available character. This latest video features veteran fighters Yoshimitsu, Lili, Dragunov, Leo, and Asuka,...

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