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  • News Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Ditches 3D Support

    Multiplayer out due to fractured community concerns

    Remember when Sony wanted the world to wear 3D glasses? Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was one of its big Bravia pushes, but now that we live in an age where stereoscopic sets are frowned upon, the forgotten functionality won't be making a return in the just-announced Uncharted: The Nathan Drake...




  • News Sony Confirms That It's Still Backing 3D Technology

    Delving a little deeper

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe executive Jim Ryan has confirmed that the company is still backing 3D, even if it rarely touches upon the technology these days. "I wouldn't read too much into its omission," he told CVG. "We spoke about it at E3 two years ago and everyone put their glasses on for the first time, and the...


  • News Sony Discusses Lessened 3D Emphasis at E3

    Back to basics

    For the first time in several years, attendees at Sony's E3 press conference this week weren’t forced to put on 3D glasses. In fact, host Jack Tretton didn’t even spend a single second talking about the technology on stage. But what has caused the company’s sudden change in attitude? According to SCEA's Scott Rohde, it’s just...


  • News PlayStation 3D Display Finally Reaches the UK

    £449 for you

    Sony's PlayStation-branded 3D display is available to buy in the UK at long last. Amazon has the 24" screen on sale for £449.99, complete with two sets of 3D glasses and copies of Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5. As well as offering 3D visuals, the screen has a feature called SimulView which allows two players to play...




  • News Sony's Futuristic Headset Out In Time For Christmas In The UK

    Sony's super swanky 3D headset will arrive in time for Christmas in the UK, with industry publication MCV slapping a December 8th release date on the device

    The stocking filler will retail for a whopping £800, roughly a pound per inch of screen it simulates — with the headset capable of emulating a 750" 3D screen when placed firmly on top of your noggin. Hands-on impressions of the headset..












  • News Evolution Studios: 3D Is No Processor Hog

    If there's one game that's certain to convince you 3D technology is the future, MotorStorm: Apocalypse is that game

    It looks absolutely breath-taking in the third dimension; almost like developers Evolution Studios have worked some kind of magic on the PlayStation 3. Speaking with Eurogamer, the team's rubbished claims that the added dimension eats up processing power - describing the comments as..




  • News Sony Patents Bonkers Multiplayer Stereoscopic Television System

    Have you ever disagreed with someone else in the house over who gets to watch what on the television? Sony's kinda got the problem sorted, with a new multiperson stereoscopic TV system that could essentially allow different people to watch different content on the same TV

    Mad, right? You'd need glasses to do it - we're not going to get into the actual ins and outs of how it works ('cos we don't..

  • News Sony Limiting The Use Of 1080p In 3D Games

    You can count the number of games that fully utilise the full 1080p resolution on a couple of hands

    Gran Turismo 5, Wipeout HD... Erm... Exactly. So it's no surprise to hear Sony's senior development manager, Simon Benson, declare that the company are capping 3D gaming on PS3 at a screen resolution of 720p. According to Benson, who spoke at the Develop conference in Brighton last week, even games..

  • News Ubisoft Back The 3D Horse Big Time, To Be In Every Home 3 Years From Now

    We were behind the curve a little with 3D but we finally got our first taste of the tech earlier this week

    We'll say this much — don't believe the hate and scepticism and try it for yourself. Our demo honestly blew us away. It's incredible. We're not sure what's shaping people's dislike for the movement, but whatever. We went into our demo expecting very little (because everyone hates it, right?)..

  • News Japan Moderately Interested In Upgrading To 3D According To Survey

    Sony loves 3D

    They're pushing it so hard it's almost startling. They've made a bet on this technology, and they're determined to lead with it. While other electronics manufacturers are pushing the tech too, nobody is pushing it quite as hard as Sony. There is risked attached — 3D is clearly in its infancy and Sony are aware of that. But there has to be adoption of the tech in order for it to..

  • News Sony To Nintendo: Stop Hating On Our Glasses, Yo

    There was a mildly comical moment during Nintendo's E3 press conference when exec Reggie Fils-Aime had a good bash 3D glasses

    He was building up to the announcement of his company's 3DS, a glasses-less portable device which uses clever screen technology to create a three-dimensional effect. Sony's Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, reckons Nintendo and Sony should stop hating, and start..



  • News Playstation 3 Firmware Update Brings Three-Dee On June 10th

    Sony's announced over-night in Japan that, hey, 3D is coming to your Playstation 3

    It's coming June 10th to be precise, alongside a slew of updated content. Games supporting the service out of the gates include PAIN, Wipeout HD and Super Stardust HD, the former of which we posted about yesterday. PAIN will require a ¥300 update in Japan, which we assume will translate here in the West too..

  • News PAIN Does Broken Arms And Splintered Shins In 3D From Next Week

    Unofficial Playstation Store blog, PSNStores, are suggesting that the 3D update for PAIN will land this week

    They note that the pack's due for Hong Kong next week and assume that it'll be coming to the UK and US too. The pack includes two new game modes: Alien Toss and Ice Breaker, the latter of which has you tossing explosives at an ice fortress. Presumably it all looks eye-meltingly gorgeous too..

  • News Sony: "Games Are A Perfect Fit" For 3D Technology

    Speaking on the Playstation website, SCEE's president Andrew House has claimed that "games are a perfect fit with 3D" and expects them to "lead the way in consumer understanding of how 3D enhances the entertainment experience"

    This follows the announcement of Killzone 3 earlier in the week which is set to implement stunning 3D visuals. "Games can be adapted into 3D relatively easily and with..