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  • Guide Upcoming PS4 Games in 2018

    The most anticipated PlayStation 4 games on the way

    What are the best upcoming PS4 games in 2018? There are a lot of them. Sony's console is now well and truly hitting its prime, so we're here to point you in the direction of the most promising games set to launch over the next 12 months. You might want to sit down -- this is a big list. Digimon...

  • Guide New PS4 Games Releasing in 2018

    All 2018's PlayStation 4 release dates

    What new PS4 games are coming out? We’ve got you covered with a full list of 2018 PlayStation 4 release dates. We’ll be updating this article all year long, rotating in new titles so you always know which upcoming PS4 games are on the way. Sony’s starting strong in January, with the likes of Monster...

  • Feature 2018 Is Another Insane Year for Japanese Games on PS4

    The beast from the East is back

    The last couple of years have been fantastic for Japanese games on PlayStation 4. The Land of the Rising Sun has knocked it out of the park in recent times, but from where we're sitting, 2018 could turn out to be the best period of all. The next 12 months are set to host a load of highly anticipated Japanese titles...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Sweeps Nominations at DICE Awards 2018

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy close behind

    With our very own Game of the Year list enshrined in history, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the jury's in on the best games of last year. However, apparently a panel of industry professionals called the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has announced their...

  • Feature Our Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2018

    So many games

    Last year’s PS4 software lineup was incredibly strong, but looking to the year ahead, we still have plenty of great-looking games on the way. The variety on the horizon is insane; Japanese games are back, Sony’s first party studios are cooking with gas, and there are titles of all forms coming from developers big and small. With so...

  • Guide Upcoming PSVR Games in 2018

    PlayStation VR's second wave

    PSVR was one of the industry's biggest success stories in 2017. With over 2 million PlayStation VR headsets sold and a slew of excellent titles released over the past year, the platform is shaping up to be the essential accompaniment to the PlayStation 4 experience.  And with 2018 on the horizon, things are only...


  • News Sony: Wait Till You See What We Have in 2018


    This has been one of the best years for PlayStation in recent memory, with the selection of software available on the PlayStation 4 outstanding from start-to-finish. But with the year all but over – albeit with one big European sale left to come, we hope – Sony’s already turning its attention to 2018. And the fine folks at XDev Europe...

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