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  • News PS5's Devkit Looks Like a Monster in Visualisation

    Beast mode

    We’re beginning to get a better idea of what the PlayStation 5’s devkit looks like, and these visualisations based on a leaked photograph give us the best view yet. Rendered by Dutch website Let’s Go Digital, the images are based upon

  • Random This Is What a Storm Could Look Like on PS5

    Bring the rain

    There’s nothing better than a big storm to add plenty of foreboding atmosphere to a scene. Batman: Arkham Knight, for example, was set in a perpetually rainy sandbox – it was depressing, but it suited the miserable mood of Rocksteady’s game. How good could thunder and lightning look on PlayStation 5, then? Real good if this...

  • News First PS5 Devkit Photograph Finds Its Way Online

    V for vendetta

    Remember when the first sketches of the PlayStation 5 devkit popped up online and we weren’t sure whether they were real or a hoax? It’s since emerged that the heavily ventilated box with the cut-out ‘V’ shape is indeed the real deal, and you’ll find it in the office of dozens of developers around the world. Want more proof:...

  • Soapbox Assassin's Creed Is Fuelling My Excitement for PS5

    Liam's hyped for a next-gen open world

    Whenever a new generation of consoles rolls around, it's almost always a racing game that is used in part to show off the graphical prowess of the machine we'll be doing our video game playing on for the next six or so years. It's understandable, of course, because getting a glimpse of the latest and greatest...

  • Feature How We Think Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 Will Champion PS5's Biggest New Features

    Guerrilla's sequel primed to be the face of PS5

    We're in an exciting time for PlayStation. While Sony itself is behaving rather reclusively about its next-gen machine, details about PS5 are starting to emerge. Wired recently revealed a few morsels of information, detailing some of the new bells and whistles that will take

  • News PS5 Price Will Land Between $400 and $500 Says Poll, But $500 to $600 Isn't Out of the Question

    Start saving

    Last week, we hosted a poll following on from the latest PlayStation 5 info dump. We asked readers about the cost of the next-gen console, offering five different options ranging from below $300 to above $600. Over 1,800 of you voted, and you can see the results below. As it turns out, 45 per cent of readers reckon the PS5 will be...

  • News PS5's Controller Could Reduce Latency with PlayStation Now

    Direct input

    Sony’s been in the streaming business for years now, but it’s finally taking it seriously. As reported earlier today, PlayStation Now will continue to be supported on the PlayStation 5, and the console’s controller could have a big advantage for those looking to subscribe to the service. As discovered by Dutch website Techtastic,...

  • News Unsurprisingly, PlayStation Now Will Be Available on PS5

    The future is now

    Sony has really started pushing PlayStation Now recently, dropping the price of the service and adding blockbuster PlayStation 4 games to its lineup. It comes as no real surprise, then, to hear that the company will be bringing PS Now to the PlayStation 5, which is launching late next year. In an interview with Japanese...

  • Talking Point What if the PS5 Could Play Games from Every PlayStation Console?

    A pipedream?

    Here’s an outlandish idea: what if the PlayStation 5 could play games from every PlayStation console ever made – including the handhelds? To be clear, that would include: PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, PSone, PS Vita, and PSP – the manufacturer’s entire 25 year history, in one device. Obviously, we wouldn’t expect the next-gen console to...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Developer Guerrilla Games Is in Sweden to Do Motion Capture Work

    Horizon: Zero Dawn 2?

    Guerrilla Games, the Dutch developer that brought us Horizon: Zero Dawn and the Killzone series, is hard at work behind the scenes and has been for a number of years. One of Sony's key first-party studios, Guerrilla is presumably prepping a sequel to the aforementioned open world adventure, and so news of the company's latest...

  • Round Up All New PS5 Info from Sony - Name, Release Date, Controller, User Interface, and More

    Sony spills the beans

    Sony has dropped another PlayStation 5 information bomb out of nowhere, once again detailing the next-gen console in an exclusive Wired article. Although we're yet to see the machine, we now know quite a bit about it, including its official name, its confirmed release window, what its controller is like, what the console's user...

  • News PS5 Is 'Not Just About the Future, But Also About the Past', Insider Claims

    Linked to Demon's Souls

    We all thought we were gearing up for full PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility with the PS5 a few months ago, but after a vague statement from Sony suggested that it's possible not every current-gen game will work on Sony's next system, we started to have some concerns. However, while it's in no way confirmation of...

  • Poll What Are Your Thoughts on the PS5, Now That More Details Have Been Revealed?

    Are you ready for next-gen?

    For the second time, Sony dropped a PlayStation 5 info bomb out of nowhere earlier this week. The company confirmed that the console will indeed be called the PlayStation 5, and that it'll release in late 2020. It even detailed the machine's next-gen controller, and discussed its user interface. If you somehow missed the...

  • News Sounds Like Warner Bros and Hitman Dev IO Interactive Are Gearing Up for PS5

    Partnership reaffirmed for new project

    The Hitman franchise has swapped hands a bit over the years. Owned by Square Enix for a number of years, development studio IO Interactive broke away from the publisher to become independent, and took its bald-headed IP with it. However, it wasn't too long before Warner Bros got involved, offering a publishing...

  • Random Fanmade PS5 Boot Up Screen Is the Perfect Use of Nostalgia

    PSone x PS5

    Has Sony ever managed to do better than its original PSone boot up sequence? Those visuals and the audio that accompanies them are firmly planted in our own brains, becoming a part of childhood memories for many. Any PlayStation fan has at least some reverence for those couple of seconds before Sony's first console launches a game, so...

  • News Astro Bot Dev Team Is Working on PS5 Demos - Will These Become The Playroom 2?

    Onboard software could return on PS5

    Before Japan Studio's Asobi Team made PlayStation VR's golden child Astro Bot Rescue Mission, it created PS4's built-in software package, The Playroom. Designed as a social augmented reality experience, every console shipped with the game pre-installed, meaning everyone had something to play immediately. It makes...

  • Guide All PS5 Games Confirmed or Rumoured

    PS5 games at launch and beyond

    What PS5 games have been announced? What PS5 games have been rumoured? In this guide, we're going to list every PS5 game that's been confirmed or rumoured ahead of the console's release, which is due in 2020. This list is based on at least partial confirmation from publishers or developers, rumours that have weight,...

  • News Marvel Games Is Just as Excited About PS5 as You Are

    The future is cool

    Our hype for the PlayStation 5 reached new heights yesterday as a slew of new information detailed the likes of its controller, user interface, and a confirmed release window, and it looks like we weren't the only ones either. The director of production at Marvel Games got in on the action with a tweet that confirmed his own...

  • News Full PS5 Reveal Will Happen in 2020, Despite 2019 Event Rumours

    2020's going to be big

    The PlayStation 5 will be fully revealed at some point in 2020. We always assumed this would be the case, but now we have confirmation from Sony IT specialist Sam Parker, who says the console will be "unveiled and released" next year. It's worth mentioning that there have been whispers of Sony putting on a PS5 reveal event...

  • News Could the PS5 Controller's Microphone Change the State of Game Guides Forever?

    PlayStation AI assistance

    The PS5's controller sounds like it's going to be a major upgrade over the PlayStation 4's. Alongside adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for improved rumble, the supposed Dualshock 5 sports a microphone that could change the way we interact with games if you're in need of assistance. If a recent patent is actually used...

  • News A Newly Approved Sony Patent May Give Us the First Details on PlayStation VR 2

    Reality improved

    Will there be a PSVR 2 on PlayStation 5? We certainly wouldn't bet against it. Sony's confirmed the current PlayStation VR hardware will be compatible with PS5, but it's almost certainly in the midst of developing a follow-up. If there was any doubt about this, a newly filed patent from SIE might give us our first taste of what...

  • Guide When Is PS5 Coming Out?

    What is the PS5 release date?

    When is the PS5 coming out? What is the PlayStation 5's release date, and will that day differ between territories? It's one of the most important questions Sony will have to answer, alongside the price of the system itself, but we actually already have a pretty good idea of when we should expect the PS5 to hit store...

  • News PS5 Rumours About Poor Communication Between Sony and Devs Were a Load of Rubbish

    Reliable source says otherwise

    If you've been keeping a close eye on social media and various forums over the last couple of weeks, then you may have noticed some rumours popping up with regards to Sony supposedly being stubborn with developers. More specifically, these rumours said that Sony's communication with various studios has been poor,...

  • News Vague Sony Statement Suggests that Some PS4 Games May Not Be Playable on PS5 Through Backwards Compatibility

    "Please wait for more information"

    We already know that the PlayStation 5 will boast backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 games, but as it turns out, the current-gen console's entire catalogue may not carry over. In a rather vague statement to Japanese publication Famitsu, as translated by BlackKite on Twitter, Sony says "Currently, the dev...

  • News PS5 Aiming for Super Fast Game Downloads

    Get playing in moments

    There's no denying that video games are getting bigger and bigger in size, something that has become quite the problem on the PlayStation 4. Developers are looking to tackle that issue with the next-gen PlayStation 5, however, with more modern technology that is supposed to speed up how quickly we download games. Speaking...

  • News Bluepoint Games Working on a 'Big Game' for PS5

    Demon's Souls, is that you?

    This has to be the Demon's Souls remake, right!? Buried near the bottom of Wired's latest unveiling of Sony's PlayStation 5, Bluepoint Games is quoted saying that it has a "big game" planned for the console. The masters of the remake have become synonymous with putting out quality re-releases of past classics, and it...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport Is Already Running on a PS5 Devkit

    PS5 version incoming?

    Could Gran Turismo Sport be a part of the PS5's launch line up come holiday 2020? It's definitely a possibility because in an exclusive Wired interview, the website confirmed that Polyphony Digital's serious racer is already running on the next-gen system's devkit. While confirming that the devkit itself does indeed look very...

  • News PS5 Controller Detailed, 'Looks a Lot Like the PS4's DualShock 4' with Some Exciting New Additions

    The 'DualShock 5' sounds nuts

    Those lucky b*stards over at Wired have managed to get their hands on the PlayStation 5's controller, supposedly named the DualShock 5. According to the publication, it looks "an awful lot like the PS4's DualShock 4", so you can expect a very similar design when compared to Sony's current-gen pad. But there are some...

  • News PS5's User Interface Sounds Much More Interactive with Live Information from Games

    In-game info to be shown in PS5's menus

    If you've been wondering whether PlayStation 5's menus and interface will differ much from the PS4, it sounds like there will be some significant changes. As part of Wired's latest report on the upcoming hardware, Mark Cerny explains that you'll get live updates from your games directly in the UI of the PS5...

  • News PS5 Release Date Set for Holiday 2020, Sony Confirms

    Mark your calendar

    The PlayStation 5 -- as it's now officially known -- will launch in the holiday period of 2020. A new Wired interview with Sony Interactive Computer Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan confirms this. Obviously we already knew that the Japanese giant was aiming for this release window anyway, but it's nice to have it officially reiterated...

  • News PS5 Will Have a 4K Blu-Ray Disc Drive

    4K-ing great

    As detailed in a new article from Wired, PlayStation 5, as it's now officially known, will feature support for 4K Blu-Ray discs. This is a step up from PS4 and PS4 Pro, and will allow playback of 4K content. The insightful article tells us that "physical games for the PS5 will use 100GB optical disks, inserted into an optical drive...

  • News PS5 Will Let You Choose Which Parts of a Game You Want to Install

    Choose between single or multiplayer

    One of the more important aspects highlighted in Wired's exclusive deep dive into the PlayStation 5 was that the way we download and install games changes next generation. Instead of installing everything at once, the PS5 will let you select which pieces you'd like to play first. Speaking with, Mark...

  • News Sony Confirms Next-Gen Console Will Be Called PlayStation 5

    Or PS5, for short

    As if there was any doubt, Sony has confirmed that its next-gen PlayStation console will indeed be called PlayStation 5, or PS5 for short. The confirmation comes from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, in an exclusive interview with Wired. "It's nice to be able to say it," Ryan jokes. "Like a giant burden has been lifted...

  • Guide PS5 FAQ - Everything We Know So Far

    All the information on PlayStation 5

    It's time to start talking about the PlayStation 5. Now that Sony has finally begun lifting the lid on its next-gen console, we now know a whole lot more about what to expect going forward. Of course, we don't know everything just yet, but thanks to some revealing reports from Wired, we have a much clearer...

  • Guide PS5 Controller - All the New Features and Details So Far

    Everything we know about the DualShock 5

    What will PlayStation 5's controller be like? What new features will the PS5 controller have? What is the DualShock 5 going to look like? There are lots of questions floating around about the PS5's pad, and fortunately, Sony has started to reveal more about the next-gen controller. In this guide, we're going...

  • Guide PS5 3D Audio - What Is It?

    How PlayStation 5's 3D audio tech will improve games

    What is 3D audio on PS5? How will 3D audio affect PlayStation 5 games? You may have already read about some of the technical capabilities of Sony's next-gen console, and one term that's being thrown around is 3D audio. Mark Cerny, who's leading development on PS5, was disappointed at the lack of...

  • Guide Will PS5 Games Run at 60 Frames-Per-Second?

    And will PlayStation 5 improve the framerate of PS4 games?

    Will PS5 games be 60 frames-per-second? Frames-per-second, or 'fps' for short, refers to the visual "smoothness" of a video game. Generally speaking, the higher the framerate, or frames-per-second, the smoother the moving image on your display will be. A higher frame rate is also preferable...

  • Guide Will PS5 Be Backwards Compatible with PS4 Games?

    Can you play PS4 games on the PS5?

    Will the PS5 be backwards compatible with the PS4? One of the biggest questions regarding the PlayStation 5 is whether you’ll be able to play PlayStation 4 games on it. In this article, we’re going to explain how PS4 games will work on the PS5. We’ll also consider whether the PlayStation 5 will be backwards...

  • Guide PS5 Ray Tracing - What Is It?

    More realistic lighting on PS5

    What is ray tracing on PS5? Every time that Sony has brought up the PlayStation 5, it's also mentioned ray tracing, using the term as a selling point. But just what is ray tracing, and what does it bring to Sony's next-gen console? Without getting too technical, we're going to answer that question in this very guide...

  • Guide PS5 SSD - What Is It and What Will It Do?

    Will it improve loading times on PS5?

    What is PS5's SSD and how will it improve loading times? Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will make use of an SSD, or Solid-State Drive, which will help with things like load times. But what does this actually mean? How does it make the PS5 more powerful? We're going to attempt to answer these questions...

  • Guide Will You Need PS Plus for PS5 Multiplayer?

    Do you need PlayStation Plus to play PS5 online?

    Will PS Plus be required on PS5? Will you need PlayStation Plus to play online multiplayer on PS5? PlayStation Plus is one of Sony's best services, and it'll of course carry over into the next generation. However, will it remain a requirement for online play on PS5? In this article, we're going to...

  • Guide What Specs Will PS5 Have?

    All of PlayStation 5's technical specifications

    What are the PS5's specs? Sony's PlayStation 5 is coming, and it's going to come packed with some pretty impressive technology. For most people, the technical specifications of the PS5 won't matter all that much -- at the end of the day, the important thing is that Sony's next generation console runs a...

  • Guide Will Sony Release a PS5 Pro?

    PlayStation 5 Pro release date speculation

    Will there be a PS5 Pro? Sony and Microsoft both dramatically changed the traditional console cycle with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X respectively, so will the PlayStation 5 follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and offer a supercharged version? In this guide, we’re going to consider whether there’ll be...

  • Guide Will Free PS5 Games Be Included with PS Plus?

    How will PS Plus work on PS5?

    Will PS Plus members get free PlayStation 5 games? The PlayStation Plus service is set to carry over into the next generation of Sony systems, meaning that subscribers will have certain expectations from the moment they sign in and start playing on the PS5. In this guide, we're going to consider whether PS Plus members...

  • Guide What Will the PS5's Price Be?

    How much will the PlayStation 5 cost?

    How much will the PS5 cost? What is the PlayStation 5’s price going to be when it releases? While there is plenty of excitement for Sony’s next-gen console right now, there are also worries that it won’t be particularly affordable. In this article, we’re going to look at the latest rumours and consider...

  • Rumour PS5 Will Come With a Camera to 'Lure' Streamers

    Life's a Twitch

    Streaming is big business these days, and it's seriously big business for a select few. Sites like Twitch are becoming more and more popular, and like it or not, streamers are now a core pillar of modern gaming culture. It's not really a shock, then, to hear that Sony and Microsoft want in on the market. According to a Gizmodo...

  • Rumour PS5 Will Represent the Biggest Jump in Computing Power of Any Console Generation

    "Prospero" leaked

    Based on all the facts, rumours, and supposed leaks, we're confident that the PS5 is going to be a bit of a beast. With Sony touting things like ray tracing and 0.8 second load times, it's always been fair to assume that its next-gen console will be powerful, and now an anonymous, but seemingly in-the-know source

  • News Will We Be Playing PS5 Games on a 3D Holographic Display?

    Sony patents futuristic tech

    Companies file patents all the time, but sometimes one comes along that's particularly interesting. Sony is, of course, not just PlayStation; it's a tech company with vast experience in cameras, sound systems, and much more besides. It's been toying around with holographic displays the last few years, attempting to...



  • News PS5's Devkit Looks Like an Alien Spaceship in 3D Mock Ups

    That's not necessarily a bad thing, by the way

    You may be forgiven for missing the news, but the PlayStation 5’s devkit casually leaked this week. Corroborated by a Codemasters employee, the blueprints show a ridiculously shaped system, decorated with a ventilated ‘V’ symbol on its hood. It’s unlikely that the final consumer product will...

  • News PS5 Devkit Design Leaks, Already in Studios' Hands

    V for victory

    Update: Matt Stott, a senior artist at Codemasters, has revealed that we're looking at the design of a PS5 devkit. In fact, the developer revealed on Twitter that his team already has some "in the office". It's hardly a surprise to learn that the hardware is in the wild if the console is scheduled to launch next year, but it's good to...

  • News Spider-Man Movie Dispute Raises Video Game Concerns

    Could Disney pull the plug on Insomniac canon?

    Sony has purchased Insomniac Games, seemingly securing the future of the Marvel’s Spider-Man series. However, while this should be a time for celebration, fans are worried that an ongoing dispute between Sony Pictures and Disney could lead to complications for the video game franchise moving forwards...

  • News Ratchet & Clank Is Vital in the Present and Future, Says Sony

    Lombax to the future

    After the PlayStation 4’s surprisingly successful re-imagining of the first Ratchet & Clank game, many had hoped that the franchise would have been revisited by now. Fortunately, following Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac Games, there is hope, as Worldwide Studios boss Shawn Layden has told The Hollywood Reporter t

  • News Sony: PlayStation Exclusives May Need to Lean into Wider Install Base

    Multiformat moves

    Sony has acquired Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games and added the famous studio to its portfolio of first-party teams. This will, unquestionably, strengthen the exclusive library of software on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but speaking with

  • News Dragon Age 4 Lead Producer Leaves BioWare

    A new age

    Dragon Age 4, or whatever it ends up being called, is currently in development at BioWare. The game was put on hold as the developer wrestled with ANTHEM, but now, as far as we know, it's the studio's primary project. That said, we don't know much about it yet, and it'll likely be a while until we get any concrete details. Supposedly, the...

  • Rumour PS5's Graphics Processor Is a Beast

    Leaks say it's a monster

    There's a rumour going around that the PlayStation 5's graphics processing unit is a bit of a monster. It all stems from Twitter user Komachi's findings, put into context by fellow Twitter user Is A Parrot. Basically, leaks suggest that the PS5's supposed GPU is currently being tested -- and it's powerful. We're not going...

  • News TimeSplitters Co-Creator Will 'Help Plot the Future Course' of the Series as He Joins THQ Nordic

    Steve Ellis is in the building

    If there was any doubt about a new TimeSplitters game being in the works, let them be put to rest. Last year, Koch Media, itself owned by THQ Nordic, acquired the IP for the beloved shooter franchise. At the time, it was pretty strongly implied that a new game would be coming sooner or later. Now, in THQ Nordic's...

  • News Fresh State of Play and PS5 Reveal Rumour Sounds Reasonable, But It's Probably Nonsense

    The usual

    Oh boy, here we go again. Truth be told we weren't going to report on this, but seeing as multiple other gaming websites are doing just that, we thought that we'd better weigh in. The rumour in question comes directly from 4Chan (already off to an excellent start), and to be fair, it doesn't read like total fan fiction. The poster claims...


  • News Don't Believe European Retailer MediaMarkt's Sky High PS5 Pre-Order Price

    Pricey placeholder

    European retailer MediaMarkt has gone out on a limb with regards to PlayStation 5. Not only is it listing a console that officially doesn't exist yet, it's also allowing customers to pre-purchase the next-gen machine for a massively inflated price. Check out the product page for yourself. MediaMarkt Sweden is listing the PS5 on...

  • News Lighting Is the Key to Next-Gen Graphics, Says Detroit: Become Human Director

    David Cage talks ray tracing

    Quantic Dream CEO David Cage -- perhaps best known as writer and director of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human -- has weighed in on what he thinks is going to become increasingly important for video game visuals going forward. Rather than banking on resolution, for example, Cage explains to GameSpot that realistic...

  • News Dying Light 2 Is in Development for Both PS4 and PS5, Techland Confirms

    Cross-gen zombies

    And there's another PlayStation 5 game to add to the list. We imagine many games currently in development are at least being considered for the cross-generation treatment, but Techland has made it clear Dying Light 2 is getting both a PS4 and PS5 version. Yes, the free-running zombie action game is making the leap across platforms...

  • Soapbox Why Sony's PS5 Strategy Will Pay Dividends

    Sammy believes giant is right to target hardcore gamers

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the PlayStation 5 is poised to "fail", and op-ed writers around the world are scrambling for the hottest take. One article published by financial site CCN – not to be confused with American news network CNN, to be clear – was bold enough to declare...

  • Guide What Devices Does PlayStation Now Support?

    Where can you use PS Now?

    Which devices can run PlayStation Now? Sony's game streaming service can obviously be used on its own console, but where else can you access the service? In this quick guide, we'll be answering that question for you. What devices support PS Now?: Below are all the places you can access PlayStation Now. We'll be keeping...

  • News Gran Turismo PS5 Is Already in Development

    Will be the 'complete form' of Gran Turismo

    We wouldn’t be surprised to see Gran Turismo 7 launch alongside the PlayStation 5 next holiday, and series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has hinted that work on the next iteration in the simulation racing franchise is already underway. Speaking with GT Planet, he explained that he feels PlayStation 4 title...

  • News Grand Theft Auto 6 Fan Fiction Makes for Fun Reading

    Don't believe everything you read

    Grand Theft Auto 6 has leaked – except it most definitely hasn’t. Fan fiction on Reddit claims that the sequel will span Vice City, South America, and Cuba – it’ll also purportedly run decades, with each location changing as the years whisk by. Just like in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, you’ll...