Red Dead Online how to make a new character

How do you make a new character in Red Dead Online? Unfortunately you can only have one character at a time in Red Dead Online, but if you feel as though you've made a mistake in your character creation, or you just want to start over fresh, then you have the option of deleting your current character and making a new one.

How to make a new character in Red Dead Online

To make a new character in Red Dead Online, head into the pause menu and go to 'player'. Once you're in there, you can hold down square to delete your current character. The game will ask if you're sure, so if you're absolutely positive that you want to start over, hit X and it's done. You'll be brought back to the main Red Dead Online menu and from there you can create a new character.

Note that once you've made a character, there's currently no way to change their facial features -- you can only change your hair and facial hair. For more information on how to do that, check out our Red Dead Online appearance guide.