As has been rumoured for a little while now, Marvelous is bringing former PlayStation Vita brawler Uppers to the PlayStation 4 this year. Fully remastered in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second, the beat-‘em-up sees you assume the role of “up to 13 characters in perpetual combat against battle hungry bandits who freely stalk the island looking for trouble, accompanied by a harem of thrill seeking girls determined to see their beaus as the victor”. Okay, then.

Essentially, the more fist fights you win, the more your status will improve. Throughout the campaign, you’ll be issued challenges by adoring ladies, which when completed will unlock bonuses that you can use to upgrade and customise your character. There’s a gameplay trailer embedded above, spotlighting the ass kicking and panty sniffing you can expect from the full release. Will you be flexing your biceps at this outing? Punch and kick the comments section below.