Finding the film camera locations and dancing in front of them is one of the week two challenges of season four in Fortnite

Completing this will grant you XP to help you get those sweet season four rewards even faster, though you'll need a Battle Pass to take it on in the first place.

You can learn more about how the Battle Pass, weekly challenges, and season four of Fortnite works in our definitive guide on the subject. Or, read on to learn the locations of all of the different film cameras in Fortnite that you can dance in front of. You lucky people.

How to dance in front of different film cameras in Fortnite

This particular challenge requires you to dance in front of seven different film cameras to net yourself a lovely five Battle Stars. 

Unlike similar previous challenges, there are only seven different film camera locations, so you're going to have to make a mental note of those you've visited before to ensure you don't double up. 

Remember that you have to dance at all seven of them to complete this challenge – you can't just dance in front of the same one seven different times.

Also, this is pointing out the obvious, but you have to dance in front of the camera, not behind or beside it. So make sure that camera lens is pointing right at you to trigger the challenge as complete.

What's not quite so obvious is that you don't actually have to dance. In fact, any old emote will do, so go crazy. Bow at it if you want.

You won't receive any feedback for performing this action though, so bear that in mind. We'd recommend keeping your own map or notes to remind you which ones you've visited so you can tick it off and move on. You can perform this challenge over multiple matches, so don't stress about doing it all in a single one.

Finally, as ever, you do have to complete that particular match of Fortnite to record any film cameras as danced in front of. If you just quit out, you won't make any progress towards this, or any, challenge.

Fortnite film camera dance locations

As we stated earlier, there are only seven different film camera locations, so you have to dance in front of every single one of them to complete this challenge. Good luck!

You won't see the cameras from the map screen itself – they're way too small for that. But don't worry, as we've got you covered with this map we've made. It contains the locations of all of the cameras so you can use it as a resource to help you tick off those you've visited already.

We'll also include all of the locations in list form below, in case you're one of those that likes to read words. It should help you pinpoint the specific locations too.

Number Nearest Named Location Specific Location
1 Junk Junction Largest warehouse north east of Junk Junction.
2 Haunted Hills At the back of the inside of the mansion.
3 Greasy Grove By a dinosaur footprint to the west.
4 Risky Reels North-most warehouse in front of the green screen.
5 Moisty Mire On the bridge to the north.
6 Moisty Mire By a warehouse in the northern section.
7 Moisty Mire By a helicopter in the southern section.

Closing tips

Remember that you do need to complete the particular game of Fortnite that you're playing to mark this challenge as complete. Quitting will reset all progress you've made towards this challenge in that particular match.

You also have to play online with other players to register this. No cheating, please!