Celeste PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Climbing mountains takes commitment and endurance, and with 700 levels it sounds like Celeste will demand similar dedication. The latest from acclaimed TowerFall developer Matt Makes Games, this hardcore platformer does away with the multiplayer focus of its predecessor, instead opting for a single player narrative-driven experience.

“Along the way protagonist Madeline will meet peculiar characters and confront her inner demons as she jumps, climbs, and air-dashes her way to the summit,” creator Matt Thorson wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “Dedicated mountaineers can even unlock hidden B-Side chapters that will truly test the limits of their skill.”

Of course, if you’re not a masochist, then the title includes some nifty accessibility options that will allow you to tailor the difficulty to your tastes. “You can give yourself extra air dashes, slow the game speed, and more,” Thorson added. “We certainly designed Celeste to be a challenge, but we understand that every player is different and we want to allow players from a wide range of skill levels to enjoy it.”

The game’s scheduled to unpack its climbing gear on 25th January, with the price set at $19.99.

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