News - 2017, Week 41

Sunday15th Oct 2017

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    Review The Evil Within 2

    Subdued spooks

    There’s a certain genius to madness. That’s especially true for crafting superb survival horror that balances the irrational and bizarre with careful consideration. The Evil Within, which put players in a psychopath’s mind-made reality, was one such example. There was tension-inducing enemy encounters amid erratic pacing...

  • News Naughty Dog Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

    "We have not found any evidence"

    Over the course of the weekend, former Naughty Dog employee David Ballard publicly stated that he was a victim of sexual harassment during his tenure at the developer. He claimed that he was harassed by a “lead” in late 2015, and after sharing his complaints with Sony’s HR department, he alleges that he was...

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    Review Caveman Warriors

    Yabba dabba don't

    Caveman Warriors is a 2D platformer with up to four-player co-op. In it, you’ll guide the four playable characters – Jack, Liliana, Moe, and Brienne – as they journey to rescue their children from the clutches of a mysterious alien race. While the setup isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off, the potential is...

  • News New Hitman Announcement Coming on 24th October

    It's definitely not Season 2

    If there are two things we love reporting here at Push Square, it's: 1) Reporting on Tweets, and; 2) announcements of announcements. Therefore the Hitman Twitter account's reveal that a new content announcement for the game will be coming at 2PM CEST - that's 1PM BST - on 24th October was an absolute godsend to us. What...

  • News Tekken Players Don't Use Tutorials, Says Series Director

    Tekken the p*ss

    Tekken 7 is a bloody good fighting game -- one of the best on PlayStation 4, as far as we're concerned -- but its lack of an introductory tutorial has always seemed like an oversight. Without one, newcomers are all but forced to look up guides and videos online in order to fully understand the fundamentals of the combat system...

  • News Zeku the Ever-Changing Ninja Joins Street Fighter V's Roster This Month

    What a Guy

    https: on 24th October, publisher Capcom revealed in Singapore earlier today. The character – who was Guy’s moustached trainer in Street Fighter Alpha 2 – is being billed as the “ever-changing ninja”, and it appears that his appearance will alter depending on what combo you do. He even has some Strider Hiryu-themed threads! As...

  • News Kazunori Yamauchi, Shuhei Yoshida Remember 20 Years of Gran Turismo

    Racing religion

    This is a nice little video which should get you in the mood for the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. In it, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi and Sony Worldwide Studios executive Shuhei Yoshida look back at 20 years of racing game development – and include anecdotes about their ambitions for the original GT right the way through to the...

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