Sonic Forces was formally announced this week after being teased late last year. The title – which is coming to the PlayStation 4 this holiday care of Sonic Team's new Hedgehog 2 engine – will span three different types of gameplay: Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and one as of yet to be revealed. Any guesses what that could be?

The gameplay snippet embedded above is from a Modern Sonic stage, and is clearly following the same blueprint as previous popular 3D Sonic titles Sonic Generations and Sonic Colours. In the scene, the Blue Blur is shown sprinting through an area which has been conquered by notorious bad egg, Eggman – or Dr. Robotnik for those of you of a certain age.

To be honest, we've always had a soft spot for these almost Temple Run-esque 3D Sonic stages, but it's often been the other stuff that's let more recent Sonic titles down. As such, we're a little concerned as to what that third gameplay style could be, but hopefully Sonic Team's learned its lesson after all of these years.

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