During its pre-TGS conference this morning, Sony announced that it will be bringing a new Everybody's Golf game to the PlayStation 4. The long-running franchise - known as Hot Shots Golf in North America - is renowned for its lighthearted take on the traditionally serious sport. Speaking during the presser, affable executive Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the new game will make extensive use of the next-gen system's social features.

As you may know, our fearless leader and resident sports game fan Sammy Barker is currently on holidays. However, just because he's left the inmates to run the asylum, doesn't mean that we won't be attempting to make some serious and considered judgements about this new title. We'll, er, just need someone to explain how golf actually works first. Ahem.

Are you excited for this new Everybody's Golf game, or do you find the sport dreadfully dull? Choose a club in the comments section below.

[source eurogamer.net]