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Weirdness: What if Animals Got Infected in The Last of Us?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pet sounds

It’s an extremely mild spoiler, but you do encounter several different animals throughout the course of Naughty Dog’s survival horror opus, The Last of Us. These land-based mammals, however, are not infected like their human counterparts, which has left us pondering what a post-apocalyptic United States would look like with reanimated creature corpses.

Fortunately, artist Thomas Wievegg has come up with some interesting concepts, showing a lion and a gorilla plagued by the cordyceps disease. Honestly, while the Clickers are scary, we don’t fancy facing off against either of these. Indeed, it’ll be interesting to see whether writer Neil Druckmann and crew delve into the animal kingdom for the title’s inevitable sequel.


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ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

A lion: 250lbs of killing fury infected with a spore that makes it hyper aggressive. What could possibly go wrong?!



Munkyknuts said:

I just assumed that much like the Rage Virus in 28 Days Later that the virus in The Last of Us only effects people...I got the vibe from the game that nature was taking over again and the world would just continue on after us. The element I've always liked of post apocalyptic/endemic films are the images of nature reclaiming the urban landscapes....unless the post apocalyptic landscape is in Adventure Time, then the best thing in it is Marceline



Munkyknuts said:

There were the chimps true but there were the horses galloping around that were just fine and birds seemed ok...the chimps were infected on purpose so it's sort of different. I did totally forget the chimps tho lol.




It isn't a virus or a disease in The Last of Us, it's a parasitic fungi. There are over 1000 different Cordyceps fungi with each one specific to an insect. The Cordycep fungi that infests ants has no effect on termites and visa versa. Because the fungi isn't a virus or bacterium it's unlikely it would mutate or adapt to other species before it destroys the human race. The fungi in TLOU doesn't follow that typical Cordyceps motive. An infested ant for example is driven to the highest point it can find before the fungi blooms and spores. So it's possible the fungi in TLOU was weaponised. Interesting plot for a TLOU prequel?

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