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Who Wears Short Shorts? Er, Octodad in This Free PS4 DLC

Posted by Sammy Barker

Got the squids

Octodad: Dadliest Catch developer Young Horses understands that you can never have too much fun parading around vibrant environments as a cephalopod in disguise – and so it’s confirmed that freshly caught DLC is in the works for the zany PlayStation 4 indie. Seemingly ditching the insipid stealth-inspired second half of the core game, these bitesized add-ons will depict the fishy frontman conducting more mundane tasks.

This means that you’ll be going on a first date with your bride to be and playacting as a surgeon in a fictitious medical drama dreamed up by your distinctly dry offspring. If that’s not got you grinning to your gills, know that the expansion – which will include over 40 new objectives – won’t cost you a penny if you already own a copy of the game. There’s more information available on the release’s official website, but while you wait for the content’s summer launch, check out this video of the aquatic character baking a rather curious cake.


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darkswabber said:

I already hoped for more content. It was a small game but still worth it's money. I bought it day one.
Happy to hear they're not done with the game yet. still hoping for the online versus and online versus co-op.

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