LEGO Horizon Adventures Nintendo Switch

Last night, during the Summer Game Fest showcase, LEGO Horizon Adventures was officially announced. Its reveal didn't come as a huge surprise since it was heavily rumoured ahead of the event, but its trailer still managed to catch most people out. Why? Because it was confirmed for PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

This is obviously a step in a completely new direction for PlayStation Studios, with LEGO Horizon being partly developed by Guerrilla Games — the Sony-owned studio behind the existing Horizon titles. But as always, change can bring discomfort, and that's exactly what some PlayStation fans are feeling right now.

In typical online outrage fashion, there are countless posts across sites like Reddit, social media, and YouTube comments sections that deem this multiplatform approach to be a colossal mistake on Sony's part. We've even seen some people say that this is the beginning of the end for PlayStation (ah, that old classic).

Of course, Sony's been shipping its games to PC for years now — albeit belatedly in most cases — but it seems as though the decision to place one of its core properties on a competing Big Three platform is a step too far.

To be fair, most of the discourse surrounding LEGO Horizon Adventures appears to be quite positive. Plenty of onlookers are talking about how it makes total business sense to put what is effectively a new LEGO title on Switch — a hybrid console that clearly has incredibly broad appeal. Still, the minority often shouts loudest in these situations.

Another point of contention stems from the fact that LEGO Horizon Adventures is skipping PS4, despite being able to run on Switch. But this is probably down to Sony being fully committed to its current-gen system when it comes to first-party projects.

Did you expect to see this kind of backlash from some PlayStation enthusiasts? Don't step on a brick in the comments section below.