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Battlefield Hardline's Beta Goes Harder for an Additional Week on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

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The end of the Destiny Alpha may be giving you intergalactic sized withdrawal symptoms, but Battlefield Hardline’s beta is still, er, going hard. The folks over at EA Games have opted to extend the PlayStation 4 shooter’s pre-release test for an additional week, meaning that you’ll now have until 12:00PM PST on 26th June to play cops and robbers.

If you haven’t joined the test yet, there’s still time to register through here. Participating in the event will allow you to unlock some additional content in the retail release – and provide developer Visceral Games with some invaluable data. Have you taken the robbery sim for a spin? What are your thoughts? Pull over in the comments section below.


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PoNY_LTD said:

I had one game on it and deleted it, all it is is BF4 with new game modes... Tbh I think they put in less effort than call of duty.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

I actually like what I've played. The new modes are refreshing because it's not the same ol' military style battles. Being cops and robbers is always something we played as a kid. I love being a getaway vehicle, pulling up and yelling at somebody with the loot to "Get in!"



GraveLordXD said:

I like the idea of this. Can anyone tell me if this game has a single player campaign or is it all just online multiplayer?



drpepperdude100 said:

I played it and it's definitely full of glitches. Frame-rate is all over the place most of the time. You can definitely tell when it drops too. Graphics look barely any better than a ps3 game but at a higher resolution. Definitely not worth 60 dollars unless the single player story is amazing, but I don't even know if it has single player.



gr8apeb8 said:

I thought it was funny that the bf hardline beta was functioning better than bf 4 lol

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