Sony has today announced these fantastic European PlayStation Vita bundles that are set to include Media Molecule's upcoming papercraft title Tearaway.

The first package features a Wi-Fi Vita model and the whimsical platformer. Bundle number two also contains the same handheld model, as well as a voucher to download the game, with a 4GB memory card thrown in for good measure. The final option is a UK exclusive, and again includes the Wi-Fi version of the portable, voucher codes for both Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet Vita, plus a hefty 16GB memory card so that you can continue to expand your digital library in the future.

We're sure that these bundles will go down a treat with newcomers to the Vita, but the UK exclusive package can only be found on retailer GAME's website, and comes with a price tag of £189.99. Tearaway's platforming adventure will unfold across North America and Europe on the 22nd November.