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Live: Walk the Red Carpet with the Cast of Beyond: Two Souls

Posted by Sammy Barker


Glitzy premieres are typically the domain of celebrities and dudes dressed in tuxedos, but we’ve got permission to give you a front-row seat to today’s Beyond: Two Souls event in Paris. Taking place at the Rex Cinema in the capital, the show will begin with a 30 minute screening of gameplay footage, followed by a panel with director David Cage, cast members Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, and Kadeem Hardison, and composer Lorne Balfe.

Check back at 20:00PM BST (12:00PM PDT/15:00PM EDT) to catch all of the action as it unfolds. And don’t forget that there’s a demo for the PlayStation 3 exclusive available right now from the PlayStation Store, so you can sample the game for yourself the moment that the curtain closes on tonight’s flashy first showing. How’s that for VIP treatment? You don’t even have to wear a tie.

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rjejr said:

Off topic but I wanted to put it somewhere -

Just got an email from Sony asking me to renew by PS+ for 1 yr. and I would get the $10 PSN store credit. I know this is a known sale but people always question whether the $49.99 PS+ gets you the $10 on $50, so I guess Sony is going out of it's way to point out that it does, that was the entire email.

Guess I need to rejoin now. Well by Oct 29th anyway.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - PS4 isn't around my corner anytime soon, just got a Wii U so I'll wait until the PS4 slim and the first price drop But I do want KOA and my kid wants Karting and I'm going to have my older kid play Ico. that's my $50 right there.



ViciousDS said:

demo? psh, i have the full game waiting for me at home already.....can't wait to pop it in tonight!

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