There may be a more high-profile monster trading title on the horizon, but that’s not stopping Destiny of Spirits from planning a global beta. The intriguing social spirit sharing game by Lumines developer Q Entertainment will be available temporarily from 24th October on the PlayStation Vita, where you’ll be able to get a taste for the release over a nine day period. An official launch date has yet to be confirmed, but we’re sure that it won’t be too far behind.

For those out of the loop, the game itself does sound intriguing – even if it’s been poorly promoted thus far. The title sees you working together with friends and strangers to accrue a powerful posse of phantoms, which you must use to save the world from evil. The hook is that everything is regional based, so you’ll need to team up with players from across the globe (or hop on an aeroplane) in order to gain access to the spirits that you need.

The game will be fully free-to-play, but will boast microtransactions. For example, when swapping spectres with someone from another country, the time that it takes to complete the transaction will be determined by the real-world distance between you and your associate. However, you’ll be able to speed this process up by spending in-game currency, which you’ll be able to earn as you play – or purchase via the PlayStation Network.

There’s a trailer below which sets the scene on the beta. With the intriguing BigFest also on the way, Sony appears to be betting big on the free-to-play model on the Vita. The big question is: would you prefer the company invested its resources elsewhere? Let us know in the comments section below.