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Anyone Up for Some Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Footage?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Chirp if you're excited

We’ve already posted about eight Killzone: Shadow Fall articles this week, so one more is not going to hurt, right? Before your eyes flash orange in anger, we promise to make this one shorter than a Helghast grunt’s unfortunate life.

Our friends over at have managed to shoot a short multiplayer interview with lead designer Eric Boltjes – and we’ve reproduced it below for your greedy consumption. The best part? The interview is packed with new online gameplay footage. Put your tongue back in and press play.


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Sanquine said:

Hear , Hear a Dutch guy speaking English. ( I am also dutch:P )

OT: Great footage can't wait to shoot some ISA scum!



alsone said:

reallyyy hype for this game can not wait to have it 15 November can not come soon enough



cherrypoppa said:

Oh man I can't wait to play this game!!! is this the sexist looking game on next gen or what

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