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VVVVVV Flips Gravity on PlayStation VVVVVVita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Head rush

Terry Cavanagh's awesome extraterrestrial romp VVVVVV is heading to the PlayStation Vita, platform holder Sony announced during a PAX Prime 2013 panel this weekend. The retro puzzle platformer is being published by Nicalis, and sees you navigating increasingly challenging Commodore 64-esque environments by turning gravity on its head.

The title may not be the kind of technical powerhouse that you’re looking for on the Japanese giant’s handheld, but its tight mechanics, clever level design, and infectious chiptune soundtrack have earned it plenty of plaudits on the PC and Nintendo 3DS. As such, this may just turn your world upside down.


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Snorky said:

It's probably going to have an outlandish entry price considering the age of the game.



hYdeks said:

yet another great game on Nintendo console moved over to Sony's, does Nintendo have any third party worth mentioning?

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