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PlayStation Vita Bonus Pack Bundles 32GB Memory Card

Posted by Sammy Barker

Solving problems

While the PlayStation Vita is about to get significantly cheaper in its native Japan, the cost of memory cards still remains a problem. However, Sony hopes to rectify that issue by introducing a new ‘Bonus Bundle’ in the region, which includes a 3G console and a 32GB memory card for just ¥24,980 ($269). That’s the same price as the bog-standard Wi-Fi unit currently retails for on its own.

The bundle’s due out on 28th February, which is the same day as the price-cut goes into effect. For those out of the loop, you’ll be able to pick up either a Wi-Fi or 3G Vita for ¥19,980 ($215) in Japan starting from the end of the month.


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NathanUC said:

About time. Now I really REALLY hope they release 64gb+ cards because it's becoming a real pain managing 32



meldarion said:

before releasing bigger cards they should make the other cheaper so at least people will decide to buy the vita cos the console per se is not that expensive but considering that you have to buy the memory cards as well is ridiculous especially considering the fact that the psvita is more inclined towards downloading games from the store and if anyone has a ps+ subscription already they will need a memory card immediately.

So bundling card and reducing the prices of the cards should be a greater concern than reducing the actual price of the VITA




Bundle, good. Cheaper, good.

So, as a straight conversion that's less than £175.00. i'm down with that.

I'd expect a killzone pack (Vita, 32GC card, KZ Merc) to be £200-£210.



AVahne said:

Bring this bundle over in white and I'd buy it almost immediately.

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