Rockstar Games is pulling out all of the stops for Grand Theft Auto V. The hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 open world adventure will allow you to participate in a spot of yoga, tennis or golf – the latter of which will be supported by a full 18-hole course. It’s all part of the developer’s aim to create the most elaborate sandbox game ever made.

As reported earlier, the sequel will feature three primary protagonists. Michael, Trevor and Franklin will each boast unique storylines which intertwine – but, incredibly, you’ll be able to switch between them at almost any time. Some missions will allow you to change roles on the fly, as you toggle between sniper and scout in epic heist missions. In order to distinguish them, each protagonist will have their own unique interactions too.

Almost everything in Grand Theft Auto V has been given an upgrade. The driving model has been enhanced with new physics, providing vehicles with a stronger connection to the ground. There’ll also be a larger array of transport options, with mountain bikes, planes and trucks amongst some of those mentioned. Gunplay and melee combat will also feel better than ever before.

Meanwhile, the city of Los Santos itself will be littered with more original activities than previous entries. You’ll now be able to interact with some of the NPCs that inhabit the world, though it’s not yet clear how. Dynamic missions similar to Red Dead Redemption will help to flesh out the city, with broken down cars and illegal raids all vying for your attention as you cruise around the streets on your, er, BMX.

There’s tons more information in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. Subscribers can read the digital version right now, while the print copy will ship within the next seven days.