One of the many side-activities in Yakuza 5 – alongside Virtua Fighter 2 and, er, snowball fighting – will allow you to put protagonist Kazuma Kiryu behind the wheel of a taxi. The brand new Japanese developer diary embedded below shows the mode in action, as the former Tojo Clan chairman weaves in and out of traffic on two wheels and more. It looks a little bit janky – but it wouldn’t be a proper Yakuza mini-game if it didn’t feel like it was breaking the game.

While Kiryu’s speeding around the roads of Japan, former jailbird Taiga Saejima will need to go hunting for his own food. The second developer diary embedded below shows the character venturing out into the snow with a shotgun – and fighting against a bear.

This game can’t come soon enough. It’s due out in December in Japan. There’s still no word on a Western release.