As has become normal for PS3 owners, the wait for the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC has lasted around a month; it's almost over. It's confirmed that the third set, 'Chaos Pack', arrives on 13th September and will cost $15 or its equivalent, while Elite members will get it for free.

Developer Infinity Ward confirmed the news via Twitter, and as expected it'll include the Chaos mode, which provides bonus perks if you successfully generate chains of kills. Four new Spec Ops missions will include Arctic Recon, Light 'Em Up, Vertigo and Special Delivery, while the three Face Off maps will be Vortex, U-turn and Intersection.

There's one more DLC pack to come, Final Assault, which actually arrives on Xbox 360 today; we expect it on PS3 in around a month's time. So, are any of you planning to download the Chaos Pack next week?