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Rumour: Mafia III Firing onto PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Next generation looms

The sequel to the atmospheric Mafia II is in development for PlayStation 4, according to a report on The site claims that the sequel had been intended as a launch title for Sony’s next system (drool), but is now unlikely to hit that deadline. Developer 2K Czech is still rebuilding its team after layoffs last year.

In March, it was reported that 2K Czech was helping Rockstar with the development of Grand Theft Auto V. Apparently the two open-world giants have been trading secrets with the hope of transforming Mafia into a blockbuster franchise.

While Sony’s yet to comment on its next console, the platform’s likely to launch in late 2013. This is all starting to get rather exciting, isn't it?


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hYdeks said:

not really, I don't want a PlayStation 4 to appear until at least 2014



Ginkgo said:

I enjoyed Mafia II, without it being brilliant. Certainly if they can build on it, it should be good. They have a lot to do if they want it to justify next gen though. It didn't really even push PS3.

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